Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- Nov 14, 2022

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- Nov 14, 2022

1-Rajiv Gandhi Case Convict: Seven Execution Orders Received

One of the six former Rajiv Gandhi assassination suspects, Nalini Sriharan, said on Sunday that she played no part in the plot and was only imprisoned because of her friendship with her husband’s acquaintances.

Sriharan was one of the six who were freed a day ago after a Supreme Court justice.

She defended her innocence when asked if she regretted her involvement in the bombing’s killings and those of others.

“They used to wait for me seven times they put up black warrant (order for execution),” she added.

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2-Istanbul Shopping Street Suicide Bombing Leaves 6 Dead, Numerous Injured

According to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a powerful explosion of unknown origin rocked Istanbul’s busy commercial area of Istiklal on Sunday, killing six people and injuring scores more.

The incident, according to Turkey’s vice president, was carried out by a suicide bomber.

In a televised press conference, Erdogan said: “It might be erroneous if we claim for certainty that this is terror, but according to first signs… there is a smell of horror there.”

He declared, “Our state’s pertinent units are striving to locate the criminals… behind this terrible act.”

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3-Match Highlights: England vs. Pakistan | World Cup Buzz

The best batting lineup and bowling assault in the competition square off. Pakistan and England advanced to the World Cup finals despite what appeared to be a rocky start, regardless of whether they were the luckiest or best teams in the competition.

Follow along to learn how England becomes the first team to simultaneously hold both White Ball Trophies.

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4-Zoya Agarwal – First Indian Woman Pilot To Fly Above The North Pole | A Little More Information

In this video, a pilot with Air India from India named Zoya Agarwal is discussed. She was the first Indian woman to fly above the North Pole and the youngest girl pilot in the country.

5-Imran Khan says Pakistan will go bankrupt because there isn’t enough money to pay back loans.

Despite being wounded, Imran Khan keeps criticising the Pakistani government and army. Imran Khan, who was abruptly dismissed as Pakistan’s prime minister in April, is requesting a speedy election.

Shehbaz Sharif was targeted by Imran for his alleged adoption of bad economic policies.

Imran claimed that Pakistan’s income is declining and that the country is suffocating in debt.

6-Man Peels Off Road With Bare Hands in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh; Road Costs Rs. 3 Crores

On social media, a video of a guy removing road gravel with his hands has gone viral. In Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, the incident happened. In the footage, a man can be seen using his hands to take off the gravel from the road.

In the video, he demonstrates the shoddy road construction. The man asserts that steps must be taken to punish the accused. According to reports, the road’s construction cost was Rs 3.8 crores.

7-This young woman is slated to become the Irula community’s first doctor.

Meet B. Srimathi, a member of the Adivasi Irula community in Tamil Nadu’s Thumbibettu hamlet.

The 20-year-old is the first person from her town to obtain a medical seat as a result of years of perseverance and effort. She’s going to be the first medical professional in her town.

8-Watch as Rahul Gandhi plays the drums during the Bharat Jodo Yatra

On the sidelines of the ongoing “Bharat Jodo Yatra,” Congressman Rahul Gandhi on Sunday took his hand at playing the drum alongside performers at Kalamnuri in the Hingoli region of Maharashtra.

9-Mukesh Ambani is competing to purchase Liverpool FC in the English Premier League.

The possibility of Indian ownership of Liverpool FC of the English Premier League has Indian football supporters in a frenzy.

Following a failed purchase in 2010, Mukesh Ambani has once more expressed interest in acquiring the Football Club.

10-Noida tightens the noose on pet owners and fines them Rs 10,000 in the event of an assault

The Noida authorities have developed a new pet animal regulation in response to the rise in life-threatening attacks by pet dogs and the recent event in Ghaziabad in which a pet dog bit a security guard.

If their dog or cat bites someone, pet owners would be fined Rs 10,000 under the new regulations.

The Animal Welfare Board of India’s rules for the Noida region were followed in making the decision by the authorities.

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