Latest Tollywood News and Gossip-August 25

Latest Tollywood News and Gossip-August 25

1-Balakrishna Applauds Allu Arjun for Winning National Best Actor for ‘Pushpa’

At the 69th National Film Awards, Allu Arjun’s performance in the film “Pushpa” garnered him the best actor award. This is a first for a Telugu actor in the history of the awards. In an interview with NTV, Nandamuri Balakrishna praised the award, emphasising its significance for the Telugu film industry. Balakrishna also complimented the “RRR” team on winning six prizes, as well as the “Uppena” team.

2-Viral: Allu Arjun embraces wife Sneha Reddy after receiving the National Best Actor award.

Allu Arjun, the legendary Tollywood star, has made history by becoming the first Telugu actor to win the National Best Actor award. This incredible achievement occurred at the 69th National Film Awards, which were presented in Delhi. His remarkable performance in the critically acclaimed film ‘Pushpa’ garnered him this prestigious award, which resonated with fans in languages other than Telugu. Following the announcement, Allu Arjun closely held his wife, Allu Sneha Reddy, showing his joy. He then went on to treasure special times with his son Ayaan, daughter Arha, and other family members.

3-Reaction of Allu Aravind to Allu Arjun Winning Best Actor Award

When addressed by the media, Allu Aravind, the actor Allu Arjun’s father, expressed gratitude. He declined to answer questions, instead thanking Telugu fans, filmmakers, the entire film crew, and especially his son for helping the Telugu cinema industry reach this unparalleled milestone.

4-Cheers and Tears: Allu Arjun Is the Best Actor Sukumar’s Victory and an Emotional Moment

Tollywood’s biggest star, Allu Arjun, has set a new record. He is the first Telugu actor to be named National Best Actor. This significant victory occurred during the 69th National Film Awards in Delhi. He received this award for his performance in the mega popular film ‘Pushpa,’ which was well received in many languages other than Telugu.

5-Renu Desai explains Akira Nandan’s film entry

Raghavendra Rao is well-known in Telugu cinema for his successful films. He recently shared a selfie on social media of himself in Norway with his grandson Karthikeya and Pawan Kalyan‘s son, Akira Nandan. They are both attending film school in the United States. This photo quickly went viral online, leading many to believe that Akira was launching his acting career in Tollywood. Renu Desai, Akira’s mother and Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife, has now debunked these rumours and clarified that Akira will not be making his Tollywood debut anytime soon.

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