Love Mouli Movie Review: (Aha)

Love Mouli Movie Review: A Tale of Love and Art

Movie Name: Love Mouli
Release Date: 2024-06-27
Cast: Navadeep, Pankhuri Gidwani, Bhavana Sagi, Mirchi Hemanth, Mirchi Kiran
Director: Avaneendra
Producer: C Space
Music: Govind Vasanth
Banner: C Space Productions

It’s been a long time since Navadeep appeared as a leading man. Recently, he has been taking on more significant supporting roles.

In ‘Love Mouli,’ directed by Avaneendra, Navadeep steps back into the spotlight. The film hit theaters on June 7 and started streaming on Aha on June 27. Let’s see how it fares.

Plot Summary:

Mouli (Navadeep) is separated from his parents at a young age and grows up with his grandfather away from the village.

At 14, he loses his grandfather too, and becomes accustomed to loneliness, developing a dislike for people. He channels his emotions into art and makes a living by selling his paintings.

Mouli believes that love is just a name some people give to lust, and therefore, he struggles to maintain relationships.

He meets an Aghori (played by Rana) who gives him a magic brush to clear his confusion about love.

Using the brush, Mouli paints a beautiful girl and wishes for her love.

The girl comes to life, and he names her Chitra. They start living happily, but soon, differences arise between them.

Frustrated, Mouli paints another girl who would be entirely dependent on him. However, this leads to more irritation as he has to do everything for her.

Finally, he paints a girl who would be caring and considerate, only for more complications to arise.

Key Questions:

What experiences does Mouli face due to the third girl?
How does she change his life?
Does Mouli realize his mistakes?


Stories where characters from a writer’s imagination come to life and influence reality or where an artist’s paintings manifest in real life have been explored before.

‘Love Mouli’ follows a similar concept but with an artist who designs his ideal girl.

The film aims to depict how a young man, raised away from human connections, grows up without understanding right from wrong and how he behaves in such circumstances.

The storyline is unique but does not translate well on screen. The artist, who has a setup to create what he desires, seems to lack self-awareness, making the narrative less convincing.

The encounter with the Aghori appears unnatural, despite being a pivotal plot point, and lacks impact.

The relationships Mouli forms are superficial, and the heroine’s sudden shift to performing everyday tasks like cooking and riding a bullet motorcycle feels odd.

Navadeep’s hairstyle is another distracting element, making it difficult for viewers to connect with his character.

The director, Avaneendra, fails to provide a compelling portrayal of Mouli’s journey. Govind Vasanth’s background score, the cinematography, and editing are average.

The story, set among a few characters away from the village, focuses on Mouli, his love interests, another couple who occasionally visit, and his ex-girlfriend.

The film seems to rely more on lip locks than dialogues, lacking novelty or engaging content. Even the title could have been more thoughtfully considered.

Love Mouli Movie Review

Love Mouli Movie Trailer

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