Meet written update-4th June 2023: Jasodha Returns Home as Dreams Take a Backseat

Meet written update-4th June 2023: Jasodha Returns Home as Dreams Take a Backseat

In a shocking change of circumstances, Mahendra and Meet find themselves having an argument in front of a large crowd. Mahendra pressures Meet to make a choice regarding Jasodha’s situation by using emotional manipulation.

Mahendra exerts pressure on Meet to sell her factory and make a decision right now by claiming that Jasodha is being investigated for domestic violence and cannot be freed. Sumeet listens in on their talk without their knowledge.

As Manmeet arrives in Gunwanti’s ward, she is found trying to commit suicide. Gunwanti, who appears overwhelmed and depressed, expresses her wish to end her life because of her deformed skin. Gunwanti refuses to stop acting this way and requests that Manmeet leave her alone despite his attempts to reason with her.

When Mahendra issues his ultimatum, Meet finds herself imprisoned and torn. Mahendra infers from Meet’s silence that she is unwilling to give up her factory and that they may let Jasodha rot in jail. Meet reluctantly consents to signing away the factory. Sumeet, inconsolable, expresses his disapproval, stressing that the plant is Meet’s dream and has significant meaning.

However, Meet informs Sumeet that nothing is more significant than family and that family comes first. She declares that she is ready to sign, but only if Gunwanti retracts the police report she made against Jasodha. Mahendra reluctantly accepts and leaves. Overwhelmed with emotion, Sumeet sobs and hugs Meet.

Manmeet asks Sarkar about Meet’s location in the meantime. The kids are filled with pleasure when Meet and Jasodha show there shortly after. Everyone is stunned by Meet’s surprising admission that she has taken Jasodha home.

Raj and Sumeet are overjoyed to see Jasodha back and give her a hearty embrace. Jasodha touches Sarkar’s feet and asks for his blessing. Mahendra and Gunwanti had been resolute in their resolve, so Manmeet tells the kids to go to their rooms and confronts Meet about their sudden change of heart. Using deception,

Meet asserts that family ties ultimately won out, which caused their change of heart. Manmeet shows his scepticism after hearing her response. Jasodha believes that they could not have come to an agreement without making a contract motivated by greed and retaliation. She claims to have insight into Mahendra’s nature as his mother.

Manmeet begs Meet to look into his eyes so he can see what is really going on because he claims to be able to tell when she is trying to hide something. Jasodha steps in and urges Manmeet to seek the truth by putting Meet’s hand on his head. They are all astonished when Meet suddenly stops talking.

Shagun shows up bearing a model of the factory and mocks their predicament in jest. Shagun states she has come to deliver the truth that Meet failed to reveal when Manmeet queries her about her new act. Shagun claims that Meet has wasted this time and leaves after presenting the signed documentation attesting to the sale of the factory.

Picking up the papers, Jasodha chastises Meet for her choice. She emphasises that the factory was the common dream of all the women in the hamlet, not just Meet’s idea. Jasodha shares her conviction that Meet should have allowed Jasodha to remain in jail and requests that Manmeet assist Meet in realising the seriousness of her choice.

Manmeet storms out of the room furious, and Meet follows. He expresses disappointment over the loss of the plant, which had been Meet and Ahlawat’s goal, after she is able to calm him down. But Meet insists that family comes first and begs for his backing in her choice. Manmeet ultimately decides to support Meet.

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