Pawan Kalyan: Don’t neglect Chandrababu’s health

Pawan Kalyan: Don’t neglect Chandrababu’s health

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan lashed out at the state government’s alleged approach towards Telugu Desam chief Chandrababu and his ill-health.

It is known that the former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is currently in Rajahmundry jail in an alleged skill development case.

However, Chandrababu’s family members and TDP leaders are alleging that he is not receiving proper treatment in the jail.

Actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan has claimed that Chandrababu has lost weight and the authorities are ignoring the doctors’ advice to provide him with many additional facilities for his health.

The comments of the prisons department officials mirrored the attitude of the government, Pawan Kalyan alleged. He demanded that the government should take full responsibility for Chandrababu’s health. Blaming the negligence of the government in this matter, Janasenan chief urged the courts to intervene and issue appropriate orders to the government.

Chandrababu‘s family members asked the doctors to give a complete report but Kalyan criticized the authorities for reportedly not responding.

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