Recent viral videos on Facebook-Indian Army, Biden-Feb 11, 2023

Recent viral videos on Facebook-Indian Army, Biden-Feb 11, 2023

Watch some of the recent viral videos on Facebook, that are trending now.

1-The Indian Army’s “We Care” campaign won over hearts in Turkey; an image of a woman kissing a soldier becomes viral

Operation Dost, the Indian Army’s response to the devastation brought on by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on February 6, is currently in full swing. The Indian Army has established a fully operational field hospital in Hatay, Turkey, replete with operating medical, surgical, and emergency departments, demonstrating India’s ability to act quickly.

The Army’s Public Information office put out a moving picture from the disaster area on Thursday night, and it quickly went viral. In the picture, a grateful Turkish person gave a female Indian officer a loving hug and kiss. This showed how selflessly and caringly the Indian Army helped with the rescue effort. “We Care” was used as the tweet’s caption.

2-Biden gaffe, “Half the woman in my admin,” goes viral and draws vicious trolls | Watch

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has made another error. More than half of the women in his administration are women, according to Biden, who was speaking on the 30th anniversary of the FMLA. The American President muddled his remarks once more. Joe Biden bumped with a security guard earlier this week in Baltimore as he was approaching a stage where he was scheduled to speak. There is a long litany of mistakes made by Biden, and they have contributed to the Republican characterization of him.

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