Rush Movie Review! (ETV Win)

Rush Movie Review: A Thrilling Action Adventure

Movie Name: Rush
Release Date: 2024-06-13
Cast: Daisy, Ravibabu, Karthik Akruhi, Yadagiri
Director: Sathish Poloju
Producer: Ravibabu
Music: Rajesh
Banner: Flying Frogs

Ravibabu’s ‘Rush’
Genre: Action Thriller
Budget: Low-budget film
Content: Engaging and well-crafted
Highlight: Impressive action episodes
Director and Actor Ravibabu’s New Venture

Ravibabu, known for his distinctive mark as both an actor and a director, has now stepped into the role of a producer with the film ‘Rush.’

Directed by Sathish Poloju, this action thriller stars Daisy Bopanna in the lead role and is now streaming on ETV Win. Let’s delve into how the movie fares.

Plot Overview

Karthik (played by Daisy Bopanna) and her husband Aditya enjoy a luxurious life in the city with their children, Rishi and Ria, aged 10 and 12 respectively.

One morning, Aditya heads to work, and Karthik takes care of the kids, dropping them off at school. Aditya receives a call informing him that their property is being encroached upon.

In his haste to address this issue, he gets into an accident.

Veerayya, a character introduced at this point, claims Aditya has been admitted to a hospital. Following this, Karthik transfers the required amount to the hospital and sets off with her children.

On the way, she has an altercation with four bikers who start chasing her. She manages to escape but injures the bikers in the process.

These bikers were on a mission assigned by a local rowdy named Nursing to retrieve a hard disk from a police station. Karthik’s intervention halts their plan, prompting Nursing to step in directly.

Concurrently, police officer Shiva (Ravibabu) arrives at the scene of the bikers’ injury, where they accuse a lady of hitting them with a car.

Nursing, following Karthik’s car, kidnaps her daughter Ria and demands the hard disk from the police station in exchange for Ria’s release. Karthik fights her way through the police station, retrieves the hard disk, and escapes. Officer Shiva is shocked upon seeing Karthik in the CCTV footage.

Key Questions and Thrills

Who is Karthik?
Why is Officer Shiva shocked upon seeing her?
What secrets does the hard disk hold?
What truths will Karthik discover while heading to the hospital for Aditya?
These intriguing questions drive the plot forward.

Analysis and Performances

Ravibabu’s strong grip on story and screenplay is evident in this film. Known for avoiding comedy, romance, and songs, his movies stick strictly to the concept, and ‘Rush’ is no exception.

Despite the low budget and a limited number of primary characters, the content feels perfect, keeping the narrative engaging throughout.

Director Sathish Poloju’s approach is commendable, with locations adding strength to the story. The chase and action sequences are particularly impressive, defying expectations for a small-scale film.

Daisy’s performance in the action scenes stands out, and Ravibabu’s character also leaves a mark. The twist revealed towards the end is unexpected and well-executed.

Rajesh’s background score enhances the film, while Sudhakar Reddy’s cinematography earns high marks. Satyanarayana’s editing is neat, with no unnecessary scenes.

The story, which moves from one central point, is intriguing. ‘Rush‘ ranks among the list of perfect-content low-budget films and will appeal to fans of action thrillers.

Rush Movie Review
Rush Movie Review

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