From the movie ”Sandeham,” comes the song “Manase Marala Marala”

Sandeham song “Manase Marala Marala” Released

The upcoming suspense film “Sandeham” stars Suman Vootkur and Hebah Patel in the leading roles. The most recent song has been released from the film, “Manase Marala Marala,”. It depicts the closeness that exists between a recently married couple.

Hebah Patel, who is recognised for playing a variety of roles, is portrayed in the song wearing traditional clothing. The song is presented in a classy manner and does not contain obscenity.

SPB Charan and K Pranati are responsible for the singing in this song, which also features music composed by Subhash Anand and lyrics written by Purna Chary.

A number of additional actors, including Swetha Varma, Raashika Shetty, Subhashree Rayaguru, and Srinivas Bhogireddy, appear in the movie as well. Sateesh Paramveda helms the camera for this movie, and Satyanarayana Parcha is in charge of producing it.

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