Telangana: Schools and colleges in Telangana open only on Mondays

Telangana: Schools and colleges in Telangana open only on Mondays

In a dramatic turn of events, Telangana finds itself ensnared in an unyielding, unceasing downpour, plunging the state into a whirlpool of multifaceted problems. The havoc wreaked by this deluge has spurred the Telangana government into swift action, not just declaring one, but two days of holidays for all schools and educational institutions. Schools and colleges in Telangana will now open on Monday provided there is no natural threat.

Startling warnings from the Meteorological Department paint a grim picture for the state, with Hyderabad, in particular, facing the imminent threat of heavy to very heavy rainfall within the next 48 hours. An alarming orange signal looms large over the city, hinting at the possibility of severe weather conditions. But the extent of concern doesn’t stop there; numerous districts across Telangana have been inundated with alerts ranging from yellow, foreboding orange, to fiery red.

In a bid to safeguard the well-being of its citizens, especially the young and the scholarly, the administration has extended the holiday for educational institutions by yet another day. This implies that tomorrow, once again, schools and colleges will remain closed, placing safety above all other considerations. As the weather gods unleash their fury, authorities are leaving no stone unturned to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and office workers alike.

While the government clings to a ray of hope on the horizon, it plans to restore normal operations on Monday, but only after the tempestuous situation finally subsides. The ongoing rain and potential hazards have cast a somber shadow over the state, and officials are working diligently to restore order and a sense of calm.

In these tumultuous times, locals are being earnestly urged to exercise utmost caution and stay abreast of the latest weather reports. Safety must take precedence, and everyone must brace themselves for the wild ride that nature has unleashed upon Telangana. Stay alert, stay safe!

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