Latest 2021 Telugu Comedy Shows Promos- Jabardasth, Dhee 13, Sridevi Drama Company, Rechipodam Brother, Cash, Extra Jabardasth

Latest 2021 Telugu Comedy Shows Promos- Jabardasth, Dhee 13, Sridevi Drama Company, Rechipodam Brother, Cash, Extra Jabardasth

1- Jabardasth’s most recent promotion – 11th November 2021- Anasuya, Hyper Aadi

Watch and enjoy the latest promo for the upcoming comedy series ‘Jabardasth,’ which will premiere on November 11th, 2021.

The promotional video begins with anchor Anasuya and comedian Hyper Aadi dancing to the iconic Telugu song Priyathama.

It is followed by a pleasant exchange of words between them about a romantic skit.

The next skits centre on their sarcastic discourse, which is interrupted by Hyper Aadi’s hilarious punches.

Rocket Raghava, Chalaki Chanti, Adhire Abhi, and Emanuel were among the other contestants that wowed judges Indraja and Manu with their hilarious acts.

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2- DHEE 13 Kings versus Queens Quarter Finals – Sudheer, Aadi – 10th Nov 2021

Watch the latest promo for the quarter-finals episode of the dance programme DHEE 13 Kings versus Queens.

The quarter finals will be contested on November 10th, with one team progressing to the next phase.

In the most recent promo, two teams performed spectacularly, and the judges Poorna, Ganesh Master, and Priyamani praised each of them.

Between dancing events, host Pradeep Machiraju, Sudigali Sudheer, Deepika Pilli, Rashmi Gautam, and Hyper Aadi amused the audience and judges with their amusing banter.

Sudigali Sudheer and Hyper Aadi’s dance talents have also kept everyone captivated.

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3- Sridevi Drama Company’s Newest Promotion – November 14th, 2021

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4- Rechipodam Brother’s Most Recent Promotion – November 8th, 2021

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5- Cash Diwali special latest promo- 6th Nov 2021 – Aamani, Yamuna, Divya Vani, Varalakshmi

Watch the latest promo for the upcoming game show Cash, which will run over the Diwali holiday. The game show included popular performers Aamani, Yamuna, Divya Vani, and Vara Lakshmi.

In addition to participating in the show, the participants might be seen dancing in the background to famous songs.

Among the anchor Suma’s amusing punches, the players have also engaged in a number of childhood games.

The devastating storey told by Vara Lakshmi, who detailed how she lost five family members during the Covid-19 disaster, was one of the show’s highlights.

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6- Extra Jabardasth’s most recent promotion – November 5th, 2021- Sudigali Sudheer, Rashmi Gautam

Watch the latest promo for the comedy programme ‘Extra Jabardasth,’ which premieres on November 5th (Friday).

The competitors Sudigali Sudheer, Getup Srinu, Varsha, Emanuel, Bullet Bhaskar, Faima, and others can be seen in the trailer doing various acts. Aside from skits, the candidates attempted to entertain the audience and judges by dancing to popular music.

The last skit displeased judge Mano, who expressed his displeasure with participant Rakesh and abruptly exited the performance in the midst. The contenders, including judge Roja, were taken aback.

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Latest 2021 Telugu Comedy Shows Promos- Cash latest promo, – Extra Jabardasth promo, Jabardasth promo, Sridevi Drama Company promo

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