Why the Movie “The Other Zoey” is Like No Other- Trailer Out

Why the Movie “The Other Zoey” is Like No Other- Trailer Out

Hey, little buddies! Have you ever watched a movie where a girl and a boy fall in love and everything is so sweet and mushy? Well, “The Other Zoey” is kinda like that, but it’s also very, very different. It’s like eating a chocolate chip cookie and finding a surprise sprinkle inside!

Who Are the People in the Movie?
Who Plays Zoey Miller?
The girl in the story, Zoey Miller, is played by Josephine Langford. She’s smart like a wizard and doesn’t believe in love stories. Imagine her like Hermione from Harry Potter but without a magic wand.

Who Plays Zach?
Drew Starkey plays Zach, a sporty guy who loves soccer. Imagine him like a Simba who forgot he’s a lion! Because guess what? He forgets a lot of things after an accident!

Two Zoeys? What’s Going On?
Yep, you heard it right! There are two girls named Zoey in the movie. One is super smart and the other is super popular, like the princess in your favorite fairy tale. And they both get mixed up in a funny way!

What Happens in the Movie?
Imagine you wake up and everyone thinks you’re someone else! That’s what happens to Zach. He thinks our smart Zoey Miller is his girlfriend, who is also named Zoey! So, now Zoey Miller pretends to be his girlfriend. It’s like playing a game of make-believe!

Why Zoey Miller is Not Like Other Movie Girls
Zoey Miller loves books and is super smart, but she’s not just a bookworm. She’s cool and fun, too! She shows that you can be smart and still be awesome, like Doc McStuffins!

Oh No, a Love Triangle!
You know how in some stories, the princess can’t decide between Prince Charming and the Frog Prince? That happens in this movie too. Zoey Miller has to choose between Zach and another guy, Miles. It’s like choosing between chocolate and vanilla ice cream!

Amnesia Isn’t Just Forgetting Things
Amnesia is like when Dory from “Finding Nemo” forgets things. But in this movie, it makes everything funny and exciting! Zach keeps forgetting, and that makes everyone go, “Oh no, what now?”

This Movie Knows It’s Funny
Have you ever told a joke and then laughed at your own joke? This movie does that too. It knows it’s a rom-com (that’s a love and funny movie) but makes fun of it in a cool way.

Who Else is in the Movie?
There are other people in the movie that make it even more fun. Think of them as the fairy godmother and wise old owl in the story.

Who Made This Awesome Movie?
Sara Zandieh is the boss of the movie; she directed it. And Matthew Tabak wrote all the funny and lovely words. They’re like the creators of your favorite cartoon!

Who Will Like This Movie?
If you like laughing and also going, “Awww,” you’ll love this movie. It’s made for big kids and even bigger kids (that’s what we call adults!).

Where Can We Watch It?
You can watch it super easily on Prime Video on October 20, 2023. Mark it on your kiddo calendars!

Why You NEED to Watch “The Other Zoey”
This movie is like a pizza with all your favorite toppings. It’s funny, sweet, and surprising! You’ll giggle, you might even cry a little, but you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Uh-Oh, Some People Might Not Like It
Some big people might say, “Hey, I’ve seen this before!” But remember, even if you’ve had pizza before, a pizza with new toppings is always exciting!

So, Should We Watch it or Not?
Absolutely, yes! Put on your jammies, grab some popcorn, and get ready for a fun movie night!

The Other Zoey” is a super special movie that has something for everyone. It’s like a magical playdate with your best friends. So, make sure you don’t miss it!

Call to Action: Now, are you excited for October 20? Because I am! Let’s make a promise to watch “The Other Zoey” together, shall we?

Who are the people we’ll see in “The Other Zoey”?
Josephine Langford, Drew Starkey, and Archie Renaux!
When can we watch it?
On October 20, 2023.
Is it a lovey-dovey movie?
It’s lovey-dovey but also funny and exciting!
Who made the movie?
Sara Zandieh directed it and Matthew Tabak wrote it.
Is it good for kids like me?
It’s mostly for big kids and even bigger kids, but hey, if

Is it good for kids like me?
It’s mostly for big kids and even bigger kids (you know, adults!), but if you like fun stories, you’ll enjoy it too!
And there you have it, folks! That’s all you need to know about “The Other Zoey,” the movie that’s going to rock your socks off! So are you ready to mark your calendar for October 20? I sure am! Let’s make it a movie date!

Till then, keep being the awesome kiddo that you are!

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