Valari Movie Review (ETV Win)

Valari Movie Review: Beyond Dreams and Nightmares

Movie Name: Valari
Release Date: March 6, 2024
Cast: Rithika Singh, Sri Ram, Subbaraju, Utthej, Sahasra, Parinitha
Director: Mrithika Santhoshini
Producer: –
Music: Vishnu
Banner: Virtual Production
Rating: 2.50 out of 5

“Valari” stands out as a horror thriller, with Rithika Singh’s performance being a highlight. However, the movie suffers from a lack of attention to essential elements and narratives that feel unoriginal. A notable flashback episode does manage to impress.

In recent times, horror thrillers have seen a surge in popularity on OTT platforms. Amidst this backdrop, “Valari” has managed to capture the audience’s attention through ETV Win.

The movie, featuring Rithika Singh and Sri Ram in lead roles, started streaming today. Directed by Mrithika Santhoshini, let’s delve into how the movie fares.

Sri Ram’s character, Naveen, works in the navy, leading a life in Chennai with his wife Divya (Rithika Singh) and their ten-year-old son, Madhu. Divya frequently experiences a recurring dream, leading her to obsess over it, despite Naveen’s advice not to take such matters seriously. Their life takes a turn when they move to “Krishnapatnam,” settling in a navy quarters near an abandoned bungalow.

The sight of the bungalow causes Divya increased anxiety, feeling a mysterious connection to it. One day, their son Madhu brings home a ‘ring’ found near the bungalow, triggering a series of inexplicable events in their home. Locals claim the bungalow is haunted, compelling Divya to uncover its secrets.

During her quest, Divya faces an accident, landing her in a hospital under the care of psychiatrist Dr. Rudra (Subbaraju), who peculiarly refers to her as ‘Darshini.’ Naveen, finding the spacious bungalow appealing, decides to rent it.

The unfolding story questions the link between Divya’s dreams, the bungalow, and a mysterious weapon named “Valari,” resembling an ancient boomerang, known for its precision and the skill required in its use. The connection between the ghosts, the bungalow, and the “Valari” forms the crux of the narrative.

The film, directed by Mrithika Santhoshini, presents a family unknowingly moving into a haunted bungalow, a premise that rekindles interest in the horror thriller genre.

However, the movie falls short of effectively exploring the supernatural aspects and the significance of the “Valari.” The narrative eventually shifts towards a revenge drama, diverging from the intended horror experience.

The portrayal of Divya’s mother in action and emotional scenes is commendable, as is the unexpected twist in the pre-climax, keeping the audience engaged. While the director succeeds in keeping the narrative engaging without becoming tedious, the film does not fully realize its potential in exploring its central themes, resulting in a story that feels all too familiar.

The film revolves around five main characters, with Rithika Singh’s performance being particularly noteworthy. The efforts of the cast, along with Vishnu’s background music, Sujatha Siddharth’s cinematography, and Tammiraju’s editing, contribute to the film’s execution.

The title “Valari” stands as a strong aspect of the movie, yet the failure to delve deeper into the weapon’s relevance leaves a sense of dissatisfaction.

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