YS Sharmila Joins Congress in the presence of Kharge and Rahul Gandhi

YSRTP Chief YS Sharmila joins Cngress

YSR Telangana Party President YS Sharmila has joined the Congress Party.

She was invited into the party by Congress National President Mallikarjuna Kharge and former Chief Rahul Gandhi, who welcomed her with a scarf.

During this occasion, Sharmila spoke of her late father YSR’s lifelong dedication to the Congress Party, highlighting that he served the party until his last moments.

Expressing her joy in joining the Congress as his daughter, she remarked on the party’s status as the largest secular party in India.

Addressing the recent riots and casualties in Manipur, Sharmila emphasized the importance of national unity in such times, a role she believes is best fulfilled by the Congress Party.

She credited Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra with boosting her and the nation’s self-confidence, a key reason for her decision to join Congress and merge her party, YSR TP, into it.

Reflecting on the YSRTP’s abstention from the recent Telangana Assembly elections, she explained it was a strategic move to facilitate a Congress victory.

Sharmila also shared her aspiration to realize her father’s dream of seeing Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India and pledged to work tirelessly towards this goal.

YS Sharmila Joins Congress

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