Bhamakalapam 2 Movie Review (Aha)

Bhamakalapam 2 Movie Review-Priyamani, Sharanya Pradeep, Pradeep Rudra, Sundeep Ved, Seerath Kapoor

Movie Name: Bhamakalapam 2

Release Date: February 16, 2024

Cast: Priyamani, Sharanya Pradeep, Pradeep Rudra, Sundeep Ved, Seerath Kapoor

Director: Abhimanyu Tadimeti

Producer: Bhogavalli Bapineedu – Sudheer Edara

Music: Prashanth R Vihari

Banner: Dream Farmers

Priyamani stars in ‘Bhamakalapam 2’, a sequel with less story and more chaos compared to its first part, distancing itself from the family audience and reducing the comedic touch.

‘Bhamakalapam’, featuring Priyamani in the lead role, was released on February 11, 2022, under the direction of Abhimanyu, receiving positive responses which led to the sequel ‘Bhamakalapam 2’.

Streaming from (Feb 16) on ‘Aha’, the sequel, featuring new stars and a higher budget, aims to surpass the first part.

The story revolves around Anupama (Priyamani), her husband Mohan (Pradeep Rudra), and their son Varun, who move to a new apartment. Mohan supports Anupama’s dream of starting a hotel with the money she earned from her YouTube channel, with their friend Shilpa as a partner.

Meanwhile, a drug dealer named Antony (Anooj Gurwara) organizes a cooking idol competition as a front for his cocaine smuggling operations, planning a heist on the day of the competition announcement.

Anupama and Shilpa participate in the competition, leading to a series of events that involve blackmail, a murder mystery, and a plan to steal a cocaine shield hidden in a five-star hotel, intertwining the lives of ordinary housewife Anupama with drug mafia and a blackmailer.

Despite the increase in action and drama, the sequel fails to capture the natural charm and simplicity of the first part, making the audience question whether the sequel is as interesting as the original.

The attempts to elevate the sequel in every aspect from the first part resulted in a departure from the relatable character of Anupama, losing the subtle comedy and family connection that made the first part endearing.

Bhamakalapam 2 Movie Review

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