OoruPeru Bhairavakona Movie Review

OoruPeru Bhairavakona Movie Review-Where Fantasy Meets Horror

Movie Name: OoruPeru Bhairavakona

Release Date: 2024-02-16

Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Kavya Thapar, Varsha Bollamma, Vennela Kishore, Harsha Chemudu

Director: Vi Anand

Producer: Razesh Danda

Music: Shekar Chandra

Banner: AK Entertainments

‘OoruPeru Bhairavakona’ falls under the fantasy thriller genre, overflowing with horror and action scenes, but lacks in romance. The light-hearted track featuring Vennela Kishore offers some relief. The absence of a strong antagonist for the hero is seen as a flaw.

Directed by Vi Anand and starring Sundeep Kishan, this movie produced by Razesh Danda, merges horror with fantasy, featuring Varsha Bollamma as the female lead and Kavya Thapar in a significant role.

The music by Shekar Chandra was released today in theaters. Let’s see how much it has impressed the audience.

Basav (Sundeep Kishan), a stunt master in films, deeply loves Bhumi (Varsha Bollamma) and is devastated by her absence, constantly thinking about her.

Along with his friend John (Harsha Chemudu), they initially plan to steal a bride’s jewelry. During their escape, they encounter Agraharam Geetha (Kavya Thapar).

Geetha, a beautiful trickster, deceives travelers and steals from them. She encounters Basav and John while they are fleeing with stolen jewelry. Pretending to be injured, she convinces them to take her to the hospital. Meanwhile, the police search all routes for the stolen money.

In an attempt to evade the police, Basav and John, followed by Geetha under compelling circumstances, enter a village named ‘Bhairavakona.’

The villagers of ‘Bhairavakona’ behave oddly, making their demeanor suspicious. That night, Geetha attempts to escape with the bag of jewelry, but a mysterious gang steals it from her. Basav learns about the incident through Geetha and begins searching for the stolen bag.

As night falls, the village lights up in unusual ways. There’s mention of four missing pages from the ‘Garuda Puranam’ dating back to the era of Krishnadevaraya. They encounter Rajappa (Ravi Shankar) and Peddamma (Vadi Ukkrasu) in the village.

The realization that the village is haunted and that outsiders struggle to leave with their lives intact becomes clear. Despite this, Basav decides to retrieve the bag of jewelry and leave the village, ignoring the advice of John and Geetha.

The fate of Basav’s beloved Bhumi, his urgent need for money, the identity of Rajappa, Peddamma’s actions, the thieves who stole the bag of jewelry, and the reason behind the villagers turning into ghosts form the crux of the story.

The narrative is enriched with fantasy elements, horror, and a sprinkle of romance, making Vi Anand’s choice of stories uniquely interesting. The revelation that all villagers are ghosts serves as a pivotal moment, intensifying interest for the second part of the movie.

However, the separation of hero and heroine early in the story eliminates opportunities for romantic scenes and songs, leaving the audience disappointed, especially regarding Kavya Thapar’s role. The movie is heavy on chase sequences, resembling more of an action film at times.

The unresolved mysteries of why the heroine is distant from the hero and the hero’s reasons for theft prolong the suspense, potentially testing the audience’s patience. The influence of Hollywood films is apparent in some scenes.

Mime Gopi appears as a villain, but his character lacks intrigue. Despite action scenes, the narrative sometimes feels like reading a fairy tale. The performances of all artists are commendable, with Shekar Chandra’s music standing out.

The background score, however, overshadows the scenes. Raj Thota’s cinematography and Chota K Prasad’s editing are notable, especially the night scenes, which are well captured.

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