Valentines Night Movie Review (ETV Win)

Valentines Night Movie Review (ETV Win)

Movie Name: Valentines Night
Release Date: February 15, 2024
Cast: Chaitanya Rao, Lavanya Sahukara, Sunil, Posani Krishna Murali, Srikanth Iyengar, Mukku Avinash, Ravi Varma
Director: Anil Gopireddy
Producer: Tripti Patil, Sudhir Yalangi
Music: Anil Gopi Reddy
Banner: Swan Movies
Rating: 3 out of 5

Valentines Night, starring Chaitanya Rao, offers a plot lacking a compelling love track, unengaging twists, and disconnected emotions, leading to a mundane narrative.

Chaitanya Rao, an emerging actor busy with small-scale movies, plays the lead in “Valentines Night,” which has made its way to OTT platforms after a delay, now streaming on ETV Win. The film, intriguing the youth with its title, aims to connect on OTT platforms.

Ajay (Chaitanya Rao), an FM radio RJ, and Priya (Lavanya) have been in love for a while and decide to marry. However, one day, Ajay meets Lavanya to say their marriage won’t happen and asks her to forget him, leaving her puzzled about his sudden change.

Raghav (Srikanth Iyengar), a wealthy man involved in illicit businesses, rapidly climbs the ladder of success. His daughter, Ved (Divya), becomes addicted to drugs due to negligence, a fact unknown to Raghav who continues to spoil her with money, caring for nothing else.

Raghav replaces his wife with Maya (Bindu Chandramouli), whom Ved dislikes. Meanwhile, a rampant drug racket operates in the city, with Michael supplying drugs. He plans to sell Ved to Dada, exploiting her addiction.

Valentines Night Movie Review

Raghav’s friend Maddy (Ravi Varma), who is close to Maya and had a past relationship with her, is discovered by Raghav, leading to his fury towards both. What decision does he make in anger, and how does the story resolve?

What’s the reason behind Ajay’s distancing from Priya, and does Ved fall into the drug supplier’s trap? Who is Dada? The story unfolds around these questions.

Directed and musically scored by Anil Gopireddy, the film presents a small story with a limited budget. Despite being a small film, it lacks fresh content, dealing with situations, misunderstandings, and misfortunes in a rather uninteresting manner.

The narrative proceeds without engaging the audience, especially since the separation of the lead pair early on eliminates any chance for romantic songs, disappointing those expecting a romantic touch based on the title.

Despite its romantic title, the film lacks engaging love scenes, portraying Chaitanya Rao more as a key character than a hero. Sunil’s entry as a powerful police officer fades quickly, and the film overlooks several logical aspects, leading to a predictable resolution of conflicts and transformations by the climax.

The movie‘s twists and turns fail to significantly impact the audience, and even revealing certain suspenseful elements does not elicit a strong reaction due to the lack of compelling storytelling.

The cinematography by Jayapal Reddy, music by Anil Gopi Reddy, and editing by Madhu Reddy are adequate.

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