Google Gemini App Worldwide: Android Launch and iOS Integration

Introducing Google Gemini: AI Chatbot Features Now Accessible on Android and iOS in Over 150 Countries

Google’s Gemini App Launches on Android and Introduces Toggle Feature on iOS in India and Globally

Google has commenced the rollout of its Gemini app for Android users in India, alongside introducing a toggle feature for iOS users, enabling them to access the capabilities of its AI-powered chatbot.

Initially launched in the US on February 8, the Android version of the app is now extending its reach to over 150 countries and territories.

The Gemini app, according to details on Google’s support page, supports English, Korean, and Japanese, and is available in a broad range of countries and territories, with a complete list accessible on Google’s support site.

For iPhone users, while a dedicated app is not yet available, the AI functionalities of Gemini can be utilized via a new toggle button situated at the top-right corner of the Google app. This feature has been verified as available on the Google app version 17.2.1 on iOS by Gadgets 360.

For optimal performance, the Gemini app necessitates a smartphone equipped with a minimum of 4GB RAM and running Android 12 or newer versions.

iPhone users also have access to the Gemini toggle, provided their devices operate on iOS 16 or later versions. The service, currently available in English, Japanese, and Korean, is accessible only on devices configured in these languages.

Users must be logged into either a personal Google Account or a Workspace account with the feature enabled by the administrator. The global rollout, which began on Thursday, is anticipated to continue over the coming days.

Jack Krawczyk, Senior Director of Product at Google and the lead on the Gemini project, shared updates on X (formerly Twitter) about easing restrictions on image uploads and generation within the Gemini app, while committing to responsible content moderation. Plans for adding more features and expanding to additional regions are underway.

Feedback from users who set Gemini as their default assistant on Android devices pointed to a lack of clarity regarding the AI’s capabilities concerning in-device features.

Krawczyk addressed this feedback, promising improvements in transparency regarding currently available features versus those under development, along with efforts to minimize the gap between them.

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