Bheeshma combo to repeat again! Bheeshma combo to repeat again!

Bheeshma combo to repeat again!
Bheeshma combo to repeat again!

Young hero Nithiin who has been waiting for a hit for a couple of years is finally a relieved man as his latest film Bheeshma has been getting a positive response even before its release. The movie is carrying decent buzz right from day 1, but with its well packed theatrical trailer, the hype around this film multi-folded many times. Inside reports are that Bheeshma has all the ingredients that have to become a blockbuster hit.

The film is releasing on February 21st. During the making of the film, there are several reports that all is not well between the director and producer as the production cost has gone overboard. But before the release of the movie, everything got changed and the producers pocketed 10 Cr though the cost has exceeded expectations.

According to the latest buzz Nithiin, Bheeshma director Venky Kudumula, producer Naga Vamsi is set to repeat themselves. In a recent interview, Venky Kudumula said that he is a huge fan of Nithiin and he has directed the film as to how a fan wants to see his hero. Venky also said that he is ready to work with Nithiin as many times as possible.

So by analyzing all the circumstances, if everything goes well, the Bheeshma combination is going to repeat very soon.


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