Makers needs to ‘Hit’ promotions hardly

Makers needs to 'Hit' promotions hardly
Makers needs to ‘Hit’ promotions hardly

Natural Star Nani has turned into producer with the movie Awe, which is an experimental film and will go down as a costly failure. Nani for his second attempt as a producer took his time and this time made a dark action thriller with the title Hit. Vishwak Sen who got craze with the film Falaknuma Das is playing the lead role in the movie.

These days promotions are playing a very crucial part in the movie. Before release, promotions play a crucial role to get the required buzz. Post movie release too, makers tend to promote their movies aggressively to nullify any negative talk against their film. But looks like Hit hasn’t got any promotions going.

The movie is set for release on February 28th which has hardly 10 days for release. Apart from a few posters and a teaser, no solid promotional activity has happened. Nani who himself is a star knows the value of promotions a lot. But why is he maintaining a low profile with Hit is not known at this time.

Vishwak Sen though is a crazy hero who doesn’t have universal appeal and he needs to prove his mettle first. So Hitmakers need to speed up with the promotions at least by now to get the desired result.


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