Bigg Boss 16, Day 38-Sumbul is upset with Shalin for picking Tina over her

Bigg Boss 16, Day 38As the shows go on

After the nomination job in the contentious reality series “Bigg Boss 16,” there appear to be cracks between Sumbul Touqeer and Shalin Bhanot.

During the exercise, Shalin was spotted standing with Tina rather than Sumbul, which sparked a heated argument between the two.

In the episode, Sumbul was overheard telling Shalin that Tina should be allowed to make her own decision.

Shalin responds that there isn’t anything comparable.

Shaleen was Sumbul’s buddy before Tina, he reminded her.

In response, Shalin said: “I’m not here for Tina or Sumbul, either. I’m around my friends all the time.”

Sumbul responds incensed, saying: “Simply go hang out with your friends. I don’t require anybody.”

Priyanka and Ankit refer to Abdu Rozik as a prejudiced captain on “Bigg Boss 16”

Abdu Rozik, the cutest participant on “Bigg Boss 16,” was accused by his other housemates Priyanka Choudhary and Ankit Gupta of being a prejudiced captain.

Contestants were asked to grade Abdu’s captaincy in a promo that the channel Colors released on Instagram.

While Priyanka Choudhary and Ankit Gupta criticised him for being prejudiced and said that Abdu had given less work to his favourite competitors, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Tina Datta, Shiv Thakare, and other Abdu supporters gave him a score of 10/10.

They claimed that while others had numerous other domestic jobs to complete, Nimrit was simply cleaning his room.

Later, Abdu was given the lowest score as the captain by Archana, which infuriated him greatly.

She was overheard complaining that Abdu never stops napping. He said in response: “If you are a beemar, you will sleep as well. (If you’re sick, you’ll also sleep.)”

Shiv Thakre and Archana Gautam engage in physical combat

Archana Gautam and Shiv Thakre will be seen engaging into a nasty argument that will eventually evolve into a physical brawl in the upcoming episode of “Bigg Boss 16.”

The conflict will arise during the captaincy challenge, in which the housemates must decide whether to keep Abdu Rozik as captain or elect a new one.

According to a source familiar with the show, Shiv Thakre and Archana Gautam got into a violent argument during which Shiv made personal statements about Archana. When Archana reacted, the argument intensified.

In the Colors programme, the argument between Archana and Shiv degenerates into a violent altercation.

There are rumours that due to the fight, the creators showed Archana the departure doors at 3:00 a.m.

Abdu Rozik’s illustrious captaincy tenure could come to an end.

The controversial reality programme “Bigg Boss 16” has been criticised for including one of the worst captaincies in its history: Abdu Rozik.

However, a new mission assigned by the creators may put a stop to his reign.

The innkeeper announces a gold-mining mission, the success of which will determine whether Abdu keeps his captaincy or not.

The assignment has the housemates assuming the role of miners, with Priyanka serving as the sanchalak.

In the assignment, two competitors enter the gold mine (the swimming pool area), where they must retrieve a bag of gold when a siren sounds and deposit it in the godown of their choice.

Two godowns with the labels “For Abdu” and “Change Abdu” are present.

The next two miners must be allowed access to the mining drill after the siren sounds again.

The sanchalak must count the gold in both godowns and determine which one has more gold at the conclusion of the work.

Abdu keeps his captaincy if the amount of gold in the “For Abdu” godown is greater; else, the position will be transferred.

The problem with this is that the sanchalak might keep some miners away from the mine and constantly send the same miner to the mining location.

The sanchalak has the authority to prevent a bag’s contents from travelling to the godowns if it is not correctly filled.

Alliances and friendships are emerging and dissolving quickly as “Bigg Boss” challenges the housemates’ desire to become captains.

In tonight’s episode, Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta argue about Tina’s opinions despite the fact that they appear to have feelings for one another.

Shalin advises that Tina play the game by herself and leave him alone in a fit of rage.

Shalin assures Tina that he has never been held back by her in response to her denial that she has ever done so.

He laments that she made fun of their equation and that her “oversmart attitude” had worn him out.

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