Bigg Boss Promo- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Updates- November 22

Bigg Boss Promo- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Updates- November 22

1- Sree Rama Chandra nominates Kajal and Sunny for Telugu Bigg Boss 5, and here’s why

On Monday, the day of the Telugu Bigg Boss housemates’ nominations, squabbles broke out among the Telugu Bigg Boss housemates.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 producers have released a new commercial depicting the housemates getting into intense disagreements during the nomination process for the 12th week.

Sree Rama Chandra had a violent confrontation with RJ Kajal for using an eviction card to save VJ Sunny instead of Anee master in the promo.

He nominated her by shattering the pot after she disagreed with him.

Sunny was urged not to interfere with Sree Rama Chandra’s conversation with Kajal, and he was later nominated as well.

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2- Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Nominations are open for these housemates!

The Telugu Bigg Boss 5 nominations process has begun for the 12th week, and it is known that eight housemates remain in the house following the eviction of Anee master.

Bigg Boss urged the housemates to nominate other housemates by smashing the pot that was placed in front of them, according to the promo.

Now, news has surfaced that, with the exception of Maanas, all of the housemates have been nominated for the 12th week.

Because Maanas is the captain, he will not be included in the nominations.

On the list of nominees are VJ Sunny, RJ Kajal, anchor Ravi, Shanmukh Jaswanth, Sree Rama Chandra, Siri, and Pinky. Let’s wait and see what happens in the Bigg Boss house since anything can happen.

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3- Promotion: The Telugu Bigg Boss house begins the nomination process.

Monday is nomination day in the Telugu Bigg Boss house, and the competition will be fierce among the contestants.

Bigg Boss producers have launched a new promo in which BB asks the housemates to nominate other housemates for the 12th week by breaking the pot that has been placed in front of them.

During the nominations process, anchor Ravi and RJ Kajal got into a disagreement.

Pinki nominated Siri by stating her rationale, and after hearing her explanation,

Siri fought with her. Anee master was known to have been ousted from the Telugu Bigg Boss house.

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4- Anee master Big Boss 5’s first interview with his family at Manikonda after being eliminated

Popular dance teacher Anee Master was removed as part of the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 reality show’s 11th week elimination.

Near her Manikonda home, the dancing expert did a dance with her fans.

The choreographer told TV9 that spending 77 days in the Bigg Boss house offered her a new perspective.

In response to an inquiry, the dance master indicated that she was a lone competitor who competed on her own.

While recounting her Bigg Boss experience, she stated her desire to see Sree Rama Chandra win.

Her husband and child have both expressed their dissatisfaction with the game show.

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