Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs- Video News November 22, 2021

Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs- Video News November 22, 2021

1- The government of Andhra Pradesh has withdrawn the Three Capitals Bill.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy put an end to the state’s three-capital system by announcing that the state will have only one capital, Amaravati.

The state Cabinet, according to reports, opted to withdraw the Three Capitals Bill and informed the AP High Court of the decision.

The YSRCP government declared Amaravati as the Legislative Capital, Kurnool as the Judicial Capital, and Visakhapatnam as the Executive Capital for Andhra Pradesh.

Farmers in Amaravati have staged a protest against the YS Jagan administration following the announcement of three capitals.

Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs

2- Minister Kodali Nani on the Three Capitals Bill’s withdrawal

Kodali Nani, a YSRCP minister, reacted to the Andhra Pradesh government’s decision to drop the Three Capital Bill.

Minister Kodali Nani told the media at the Assembly that the state administration has withdrawn the Three Capitals Bill due to technical concerns.

He went on to say that the state Cabinet discussed the technical challenges surrounding the Three Capitals Bill and that the Cabinet decision would be announced in the Assembly.

He left by claiming that he shouldn’t divulge the decision while the Assembly is in session.

The Andhra Pradesh government had previously told the Court that the Three Capitals Bill will be withdrawn.

Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs

3- BJP leaders react to the Andhra Pradesh government’s decision to repeal the Three Capitals Bill.

Satya Kumar, national head of the Bharatiya Janata Party, reacted to the Andhra Pradesh government’s decision to repeal the Three Capitals Bill.

He told the media that it was a triumph for the people and farmers. He went on to say that the BJP has always supported Amaravati as the state capital.

He went on to say that the Centre had approved Rs 2500 crores for Amaravati’s construction and Rs 60,000 crores for highways connecting Amaravati, with a budget of Rs 40,000 crores.

He claimed that the AP administration made the decision after discovering that there was nothing to take in Vishakapatnam, and that one of the MPs plundered the entire city.

Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs

4- This is only an interval, Minister Peddireddy on the Bill of Three Capitals

Andhra Pradesh’s Panchayati Raj and Rural Development Minister Peddireddy Ramachandreddy indicated that this is merely a break and that the end card will be played soon.

Minister Peddireddy told the media that the state government may decide to withdraw the AP Three Capitals Bill in order to make a few technical amendments and corrections.

In addition, the minister stated that he is committed to the Three Capitals Bill.

He further asserted that the protestors are not farmers, referring to them as paid artists.

After the farmers’ padayatra, he added, the government did not remove the Three Capitals Bill.

Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs

5- Amaravati JAC asks ministers and the Speaker to apologise for the Three Capitals Bill.

Farmers in Amaravati have protested to the state government of Andhra Pradesh’s decision to repeal the Three Capitals Bill.

Amaravati JAC leader Tirupathi Rao told the media that if there are no hidden techniques, the Cabinet decision will be welcomed.

He stated that the government should begin development activities in Amaravati right away.

He also demanded the ministers and Speaker to apologise to the people for making anti-Amaravati and anti-farmer remarks.

He went on to say that the Amaravati farmers’ Maha Padayatra would go on as planned.

The government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to abolish the Three Capitals Bill.

Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs

6- On the YSRCP government’s announcement on three capitals, Sujana Chowdary claims that YS Jagan is not superior to PM Modi.

The withdrawal of three capital bills by the AP government, according to Sujana Chowdary, a BJP MP, does not indicate who is the winner or loser.

A BJP Rajya Sabha member asserted that developing Amaravati is a serious problem while speaking to TV5 journalists over the phone.

Sujana has emphasised Amaravati’s farmers’ contribution to the state capital, which included the loss of a substantial amount of their land.

Sujana Chowdary, on the other hand, has asked people to appreciate YS Jagan’s decision to put the three capitals bills on hold and to wish him luck in his administration.

According to a BJP MP, the wording of the government’s affidavit is essential at this point since there is a chance that farmers would face problems again if the government presents another Bill after officially stopping the current court proceedings.

He emphasised the importance of lawyers representing farmers being able to review the government’s affidavit.

“I can’t say whether the Central government’s pressure on the topic has worked out,” an AP BJP MP said.

Furthermore, BJP MP determined that YS Jagan is not superior to PM Modi.

Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs

7- MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju on the Three Capitals Bill’s withdrawal

Raghu Rama Krishna Raju, a YSRCP dissident MP, reacted to the Andhra Pradesh government’s decision on the Three Capitals Bill. MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju told the media that it is the people’s win, praising Amaravati women, farmers, the JAC, and everyone who supported the farmers’ struggle.

He went on to say that the Andhra Pradesh government made the decision in response to Amit Shah’s remarks at the Tirupati conference.

He said he applauded the state government’s decision and hoped it would not be changed.

He concluded his speech by raising the chants “Jai Amaravati” and “Jai Jai Amaravati.”

The Three Capitals Bill was withdrawn by the Andhra Pradesh government.

Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs

8- A face-to-face conversation with lawyer Shravan Kumar on the repeal of the Three Capitals Bill

The state government will release further information on the state cabinet’s decision to repeal the three capitals bill today in the afternoon, according to lawyer Shravan Kumar, who is representing Amaravati farmers.

The planned three-capitals measure is “controversial,” according to the lawyer, who also claims that it violates the law and the Act.

According to the lawyer, it remains to be seen whether the state administration will make any amendments to the Bill or preserve Amaravati as its capital.

According to the lawyer, another Bill having legal implications is likely to be enacted by the state cabinet.

He has chastised the state government for attempting to undo the previous administration’s land pooling restrictions.

Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs

9- CM Jagan on AP 3 capital: “I am not against Amaravati people; I have my house here.”

The ‘Three Capital Bill’ has been withdrawn by the Andhra Pradesh government in response to farmer protests in Amaravati. 

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy argued during his speech in the Assembly that the previous TDP government’s decision on the state capital was controversial, and defended his position by saying that it violated the Sri Krishna committee’s report.

CM Jagan declared that he has no ill feelings toward the people of Amaravati and that he owns property in the area.

According to YS Jagan, Amaravati does not belong in either Guntur or Vijayawada.

The previous administration committed to build only the bare minimum of roads, electricity, and drainage in this region for Rs 2 crore per acre.

According to CM Jagan, if 50,000 acres are included, the figure jumps to one lakh crore.

He predicts that constructing the fundamental infrastructure will take less than ten years, excluding other infrastructure.

If such is the case, AP CM justified himself by asking how the capital should be expected in Amaravati and how educated people find work.

He stated that the previous government had been fooling the population.

CM Jagan remarked that Visakhapatnam has the ability to expand significantly further in the next ten years,

and that it will be comparable to Hyderabad.

He indicated that a new law would be brought to the Assembly that would take into account all of the demands as well as the agreement of people from all walks of life, without resorting to litigation.

Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs

10- Hero Sivaji reacts to the cancellation of the ‘Three Capital Bill’

Because of public opposition and legal challenges, the Andhra Pradesh administration, led by Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy, has annulled the law establishing three state capitals, claiming that it will revisit the matter.

In response to this, hero Sivaji spoke with TV5 media’s popular news anchor Murthy, declaring that the triumph belongs to the women of Amaravati and everyone who supported the cause.

Hero Sivaji predicted that the withdrawal of the “Three Capital Bill” was carried out under pressure from the central government in response to Finance Minister Buggana’s and Chief Minister YS Jagan’s statements in the AP Assembly today.

Amaravati, he claimed, should remain the capital because it is self-sustaining.

If the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government is confident in its rule and powers, he has demanded that the Assembly be dissolved and elections be held immediately.

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11- It’s CM Jagan’s mind game and Prashanth Kishor’s tactics, says Rammohan Naidu on the AP 3 Capital Bill.

TDP MP Rammohan Naidu has accused the Andhra Pradesh government of withdrawing the “Three Capital Bill.”

In an interview with TV5, Srikakulam MP alleged that Chief Minister Jagan did not clarify his government’s position on the possibility of a single capital and that his Assembly speech did not do fair to Amaravati farmers.

YS Jagan, the Chief Minister, has been criticised for revealing prior activities.

According to a TDP MP, “CM Jagan has not provided clarity on the future course of action.”

He has been misrepresenting the Amaravati farmers padayatra, according to a TDP MP.

While applauding TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu’s ambition for Amaravati’s development as a world-class capital, he argues that Chief Minister Jagan has been playing a mind game.

The TDP MP stated, “It is a political game plan of Prashanth Kishor, the strategist of the ruling YSRCP.”

Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs- Video News

Andhra Pradesh Current Affairs- Video News

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