Latest 2021 Telugu comedy scenes- DHEE 13, Jabardasth, Extra Jabardasth, Alitho Saradaga, Sridevi Drama Company

Latest 2021 Telugu comedy scenes- DHEE 13, Jabardasth, Extra Jabardasth, Alitho Saradaga, Sridevi Drama Company

1- DHEE 13 Kings vs Queens semi-finals 2 – November 24th, 2021

Watch the latest semi-finals 2 promo for the dancing competition show DHEE 13 Kings against Queens. Sidhu is introduced by Manchu Lakshmi, a TV presenter who describes him as a brilliant singer and a talented tabla player.

The comedian Hyper Aadi then asks if he was in the ‘Wah Taj’ commercial. It has resulted in a hilarious scene. Sudigali Sudheer,

Rashmi, and Hyper Aadi’s antics are immensely entertaining in addition to the dancers showing their abilities. One female dancer said she was inspired by anchor Rashmi because of their Odisha connection.
Judges Priyamani, Ganesh Master, and Poorna commended the dancers’ performances.

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2- Promo for Jabardasth: Roja plays mother-in-law for Hyper Aadi, which airs on November 25.

The latest promo for Mallemala Entertainments’ comedy show Jabardasth has been published, and it is jam-packed with entertaining comedy skits.

The advertisement began with the appearance of Roja and the Hyper Aadi skit, in which Roja assumed the part of mother-in-law and created laughter.

The episode’s focus remained on Emannuel and Hari’s comedy, with Tagubothu Ramesh playing a police officer.

With their comic timing, Kokila and Rocket Raghava made everyone giggle.

Roja’s caustic punch exchanges to comedians capture the audience’s attention and add to the entertainment. On November 25, the entire programme will be broadcast.

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3- Sudigali Sudheer, Hyper Aadi, and others in the Extra Jabardasth promo; broadcast on Nov 19

Watch the latest trailer for the comedy show ‘Extra Jabardasth,’ which will premiere on November 19th, 2021.

Varsha and Emmanuel performed a skit in which they poked fun of each other to kick off the advertisement. Bullet Bhaskar,

Varsha, Fahema, and Emmanuel perform a sketch after that.

The judges and the audience were amused by Fahema’s comments about her character’s husband, Bullet Bhaskar.

The show’s centrepiece is a father-son skit performed by Getup Srinu and Sudigali Sudheer.

In the promotional video, you may see more skits.

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4- Alitho Saradaga with Niharika Konidela and Nikhil as anchor; broadcast on November 22

Niharika Konidela, the mega-daughter of Tollywood comic Ali, was a special guest on Alitho Saradaga, a celebrity talk programme presented by Ali.

In response to a query, the actress recalled her desire to first become a teacher and then a doctor.

“I didn’t take the Intermediate course with BiPC because I’m afraid of physics,” she explained.

Niharika has revealed to Ali that her wedding was organised.

“I like my father Naga Babu more than megastar Chiranjeevi and power star Pawan Kalyan,” she said in response to another inquiry.

Nikhil, the anchor, later joined the interview.

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5- Shanmukha Priya entertains in the latest Sridevi Drama Company promo; heartfelt tributes to Puneeth Raj Kumar

Watch the latest promo for ‘Sridevi Drama Company,’ a comedy show that will premiere on November 21, 2021.

Sudigali Sudhakar says in the trailer that appreciating ladies is the same as receiving blessings from Gods and Goddesses.

The female contestants then demand that Sunday be designated a national holiday in their honour.

Shankuha Priya, a former contestant on Indian Idol, sang a couple songs on the comedy show.

Hyper Aadi had some complimentary words about the singer.

The show depicts a son’s admiration for his mother’s effort and perseverance in helping him achieve his career.

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Latest 2021 Telugu Comedy Shows Promos- Jabardasth, Dhee 13, Sridevi Drama Company, Rechipodam Brother, Cash, Extra Jabardasth

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