Emone Music Video featuring Deepthi Sunaina

Emone Music Video featuring Deepthi Sunaina

The Deepthi Sunaina-starring Emone Music Video is now available; amazing

There is no need to introduce YouTube phenomenon and former Bigg Boss contestant Deepti Sunayana.

Every person who uses social media is aware of this beauty.

Early in her career, she created a mark with Tik Tok and Dub Smash videos, and later she also made appearances in short films.

She also made appearances in a few cover tunes.

Due to her outstanding performance, she has a considerable social media following.

Deepti had recently debuted a brand-new music video.

Sunayana is ready to weave her magic with a brand-new independent music video called “Emone.”

This will present Vishal and Deepti Sunayana as a pair.

The song’s director of photography is Vinay Shanmukh.

The song’s composer is Vijay Balganin.

Deepti Sunaina also transitions to producer with this song video.

She took on the production duties along with Maka Sampath Kumar.

Emone Music Video featuring Deepthi Sunaina

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