Facebook viral videos-2022-December 10

Facebook viral videos-2022-December 10

1-Man enters the metro wearing only a vest and a towel; the viral video has internet users in splits

On social media, a video of a boy boarding a Metro train while just wearing a vest and a towel has gone viral, drawing conflicting comments from online users.

Although it is well known that there are restrictions on photography and videography inside the Metro, many people continue to produce reels.

Delhi is where the incident happened.

Mohit Gauhar, who was identified, boarded the metro train with only a vest on and a towel wrapped over his legs.

He can be seen moving around inside the train while passengers laugh and many remain mute in the popular footage.

He wrote in the caption of his image, “Today I will take a bath in the office because there is no water in the tank.”

Facebook viral videos

2- AP: A viral video of a shuttlecock stopping in the air

The internet is currently flooded with a video of a shuttlecock frozen in the middle of the air, which is perplexing viewers.

The incident happened in the Alluri Seetharamaraju district’s Tekulabora village, Kunavaram Mandal.

In the popular video, a young child can be heard explaining how they were playing shuttle badminton when the shuttlecock abruptly halted in midair.

After the lads tossed a shuttle bat into the air, the shuttlecock is said to have stopped for more than 30 minutes before falling to the ground.

The video is currently becoming popular online.

Facebook viral videos

3-Anand Mahindra posted a popular image of a patient enjoying a FIFA World Cup game while having surgery

A devoted football fan raised the bar for FIFA World Cup crazy when he was photographed watching the game while receiving treatment in the hospital.

The eye-catching image also caught the attention of renowned Indian industrialist Anand Mahindra, who asked his followers if the man should receive a reward.

The viral image was reportedly taken and published by a hospital in Poland.

The picture shows a FIFA World Cup match being shown inside the operating room as the doctors were still doing the surgery.

The patient had his eyes glued on the screen of the television.

After Anand Mahindra tweeted the image with the comment, “Hey, Don’t you think this gentleman deserves some form of prize, @FIFAcom,” the image quickly gained popularity.

Facebook viral videos

Facebook viral videos-2022-December 3

1-Samantha’s words by Suresh Babu Daggubati became viral

Balakrishna’s “Unstoppable Show” was recently attended by Allu Aravind and Suresh Babu.

Balayya asked a question in it. Who are the heroines of this generation who can travel to the Mahanati range? he questioned.

Both Allu Aravind and Suresh Babu confirmed Samantha’s name.

Suresh Babu believes that Samantha is the only actor who has the capability to succeed in the current environment.

Samantha’s remarks made by Suresh Babu are currently trending online.

The heart-shaped emoji was used by Samantha to express her response on Twitter.

Facebook viral videos

2- A popular video of Russian women dancing to Rashmika’s song from Pushpa, Saami Saami

Saami by Rashmika Mandanna Many people fell in love with Saami from Pushpa, and the dance scenes went viral on social media.

As of right now, Pushpa will debut in Russian theatres on December 8.

A video of some Russian women dancing to the well-known song “Saami Saami” in front of the State Historical Museum in Moscow’s Red Square is currently doing the rounds online.

The video is currently going viral online and getting a huge response from internet users.

Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandanna, and other members of the Pushpa film team are reportedly currently in Russia for promotional purposes.

Facebook viral videos

3 – Akira, the son of Pawan Kalyan, gains internet fame

Akira, the son of Pawan Kalyan, gains internet fame

The fresh looks of Tollywood Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s son Akira are going viral on the internet and getting a massive response from netizens and mega fans.

The very active social media user Renu Desai posted a charming video of her daughters Akira and Aadya on Instagram with the statement that their kung fu match was still going on.

Facebook viral videos-2022-November 23

1- Viral: Indians make fun of Elon Musk as Twitter’s new CEO uses the salutation “Namaste” to silence detractors

Twitter’s new CEO, Elon Musk, has made headlines for a number of reasons, including firing employees and instituting a new subscription-based blue verification tick policy.

Musk posted the greeting Namaste to his Twitter followers to silence them, and since then, he has received some amusing Indian responses.

After his tweet, a number of Musk’s Indian followers made fun of him.

On Twitter, one fan claimed that he wanted Indian participation, and another stated, “Looks like Indians on your squad are educating you well.”

Facebook viral videos

2- Sivakasi viral video shows a temple tower’s scaffolding catching fire.

Tamil Nadu: In a startling incident, firecrackers used at a neighbourhood celebration caused the Bathirakaliamman temple tower in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, to catch fire.

The scaffolding, according to the reports, was erected to renovate the Bathirakaliamman temple’s tower.

The scaffolding of the tower unexpectedly caught fire on Sunday when some residents lit fireworks during a wedding celebration.

The images of this have now gone popular online.

The firefighters arrived at the scene and extinguished the fire after collecting the necessary information from the villagers.

The police have reported the incident, and an investigation is ongoing.

Facebook viral videos

3-Viral video shows a woman slapping French President Macron

An online video purportedly depicting a female protester slapping French President Emmanuel Macron surfaced on social media, according to News. Az, which cites international media.

The woman was slightly frightened before being lowered to the ground by Macron’s security personnel.

There have been protests against the severe unemployment issue as well as the growing prices of commodities, especially daily necessities, for the past few days all around the country.

The local news reported that the footage is unquestionably authentic, however, it is unclear when it was created.

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