Recent viral videos on Facebook-2022-Dec 11

Recent viral videos on Facebook-2022-Dec 11

1- Popular video of Bandi Sanjay using a tractor to plough the field

In the Korutla Constituency in the Jagtial District, Bandi Sanjay, the Telangana BJP State President, is still on his Praja Sangram Yatra.

His padayatra arrived in the village of Ailapur in the constituency on Saturday.

The BJP MP spoke with residents and farmers. A farmer approached Bandi Sanjay and requested that he use a tractor to plough his land. Sanjay complied with the farmer’s demand. He climbed up the tractor and ploughed the ground.

Leaders, activists, farmers, and observers among those present watched the incident with fascination. The video is currently becoming viral on social media.

2-Man dressed as a crocodile touches the animal’s leg in a viral video

On the banks of a river, in a video that has gone viral online, a man dressed as a crocodile touches the animal. Internet users have reacted differently to the footage.

An image of a man dressed as a crocodile and laying on the ground next to one near a river’s edge was posted on Twitter by a person going by the handle Narendra Singh.

He gently tugged the reptile’s leg and repeatedly touched it. Fortunately, the reptile didn’t respond to what he did.

Internet users have now split into two parties and are expressing their opinions in the comments area.

3-After a viral video of them dancing in a burka led to their suspension of four engineering students in Mangaluru

A video of students dancing at a Mangaluru engineering college soon became viral on social media.

The students were seen dancing while wearing burqas to a Bollywood song at a campus event.

They were accused of insulting religious sensibilities, which sparked a schism.

Administrators at the college, who asserted they were unaware of the performance and suspended all four students, claimed the kids violated “severe norms.”

The video footage that has been making the rounds on social media, the institution tweeted, “has captured a piece of the dance by students of the Muslim community themselves who barged on stage during the informal part of Students Association inaugural.”

Recent viral videos on Facebook-2022-December 4

1- Popular video of a bride dancing to Ra Ra Rakkamma

No doubt, the day of one’s wedding is among the most important in one’s life.

The majority of wedding traditions include dancing performances, despite regional variances.

Dance performances are definitely necessary for weddings to be memorable.

On the day of her wedding celebration in Telangana state, a happy woman is seen dancing wildly in a recent internet video.

The bride may be seen dancing with her female squad to Kiccha Sudeep’s Vikrant Rona movie’s well-known Ra Ra Rakkamma song.

The video that was shared on social media gained popularity right away.

Recent viral videos on Facebook

2-Photos and videos of Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao’s most recent content move viral

Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, a seasoned screenwriter who collaborated on a number of movies with his brother Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, is unwell.

His health has suffered as a result of age.

Rao’s weak appearance has a little surprised some of his admirers.

They are happy to see that he is still cognitively alert, nevertheless.

Due to his fragile look, his recent homage visit to the late Super Star Krishna’s residence astounded everyone.

When the media approached Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, he explained that he had just returned from a visit of a foreign country, and the weather there had had a significant negative influence on his health.

He expressed hope that following counselling, his brother will return wearing his customary clothes.

Recent viral videos on Facebook

3- The humorous moments of Tollywood actress Laya go viral

Beautiful actress from Tollywood and Missamma famous Laya uses Instagram to actively amuse her fans.

The actress amusingly demonstrated in a video she posted on Instagram a few hours ago how mismatched companions in crime can be.

The actress and her pal created humour for the video. She urged her supporters not to attempt this.

She wrote in the post’s caption: “When criminal partners aren’t on the same page. Additionally, lipstick colours are more significant. Isn’t !!??. Also, it is my lipstick.

At the Costa Rica retail complex, don’t try this.” Internet users are currently leaving amusing comments on her article.

Recent viral videos on Facebook

Recent viral videos on Facebook-2022-Nov 29

1- The most recent gym sessions by actress Pragthi go viral on social media

Pragathi Mahavadi, a well-known character artist and actress in Tollywood, is capturing the attention of netizens and fitness enthusiasts with her most recent training video.

Pragathi, an actress, is well known for being very active on social media and for her passion of sharing her memories and exercise videos with her followers.

The actress posted a video to her Instagram account for her followers to see. She captioned the image with “Consistency” after seeing her working out hard.

Currently, internet users are leaving encouraging comments on her article.

Recent viral videos on Facebook

2 The wedding footage of actor Naga Shaurya becomes viral

Naga Shaurya, an actor from Tollywood, wed Anusha Shetty today in Bengaluru at a five-star hotel with congratulations from his loved ones, friends, and supporters.

As a result of the photos and videos of their wedding, social media is currently buzzing.

Internet videos of Mehendi and cocktail parties are becoming viral and attracting viewers.

Recent viral videos on Facebook

3-Allu Arjun posts a sweet video of his daughter Arha on her birthday, which becomes popular.

Allu Arha, the daughter of Tollywood legend Allu Arjun, is celebrating her 21st birthday today, November 20, to the delight of her loved ones, friends, and Allu fans.

Arha’s father Allu Arjun sent his daughter birthday greetings and posted a cute video of his daughter on the occasion of her birthday.

Allu Arha saw some bees sting into some people’s hair in a video that Allu Arjun posted on her Instagram page.

Recent viral videos on Facebook-2022-Nov 20

1- Video going viral of New Zealand cricketers playing football after rain in Wellington, India

Players from New Zealand and India played indoor volleyball and football after being stuck indoors in Wellington owing to the rain. Hardik Pandya of India and Kane Williamson of New Zealand are both waiting for the rain to cease.

Today, Friday, was the opening of a three-game T20 series between the Indian team and New Zealand, but it was postponed owing to heavy rain in Wellington.

On its Twitter account, the Kiwi Cricket Board (NZ Cricket Board) immediately posted a video of the players. Yuzvemdra Chahal and Deepak Hooda, two Indian spinners, are also featured in this video.

From the sidelines, both players are enjoying themselves.

Recent viral videos on Facebook

2-Wasim Jaffer offers an Indian cricketer “Burnol” in response to Michael Vaughan’s trolling of him.

Former Indian cricketer Wasim Jaffer occasionally tweets witty commentary, especially when his country is engaged in a cricket match.

He had responded to Michael Vaughan’s most recent banter while doing so, a former England captain.

Jaffer and Vaughan can be seen fighting it out on the social media website and mobile application.

On November 16, when Vaughan allegedly retweeted a story that Jaffer had been hired as the batting coach for IPL franchise Punjab Kings, the taunting reportedly reached a new level.

He tweeted: A hitting coach reached out to me.

Jaffer’s response was striking.

He made a meme of the Hulk holding a Burnol rather than speaking.

The tweet has gained enormous popularity as Jaffer responded to Vaughan in such a spectacular way.

Recent viral videos on Facebook

3- Wild elephant pursues bus for 8 kilometres in Kerala; viral video

Internet buzz is being generated by a video showing a wild elephant chasing a bus carrying 40 people. The event happened in Thrissur, Kerala, along the Chalakudy-Valaparai road.

A few bus riders captured the images, which are now becoming popular online.

The bus driver noticed an elephant chasing the bus in the viral footage and put the bus in reverse for around 8 kilometres.

Since there is no method to reverse the car, the driver had to drive it in reverse. The incident stunned the onboard people.

Recent viral videos on Facebook

4-Himanshu, son of IT Minister KTR, gets a makeover and goes viral

Hyderabad: The latest appearances of Telangana IT Minister K Taraka Rama Rao’s (KTR) son Himanshu are going viral online and generating attention.

Himanshu responded on his Twitter account to a tweet from a Twitter user who had uploaded a photo of him and added, “Suddenly Chusi @KTRTRS Anna Anukunna.”

Himanshu responded to his post by retweeting and making the following comment: “Sarsarle ennenno anukuntam, anni jaruguthaaya enti, a great man once stated. Jokes aside, I’m grateful.”

The image is currently becoming viral on the internet, and users are commenting on how much Himanshu resembles his father KTR.

Recent viral videos on Facebook

5- Important event as India takes over the G20 presidency; PM Modi’s bilateral meetings

India will preside over the G20 gathering in place of Indonesia for the future year. According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is a source of pride for each and every Indian.

At the conclusion of the two-day Bali meeting, Prime Minister Modi was presented with the G20 presidency by President Joko Widodo of Indonesia.

According to Prime Minister Modi, India‘s president would be inclusive and a voice for the developing country.

Mr Modi pledged to utilise the G20 as a catalyst for global change.

Additionally, PM Modi’s admonition to Putin that now is not a time for conflict was included in the 2022 proclamation.

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