Viral Videos India-2022-Dec 8

Viral Videos India-2022-Dec 8

1-An electric guitar player from Nagaland performs “Jana Gana Mana,” and the video becomes viral

An performer from Nagaland played “Jana Gana Mana” in rock at the HornBill festival in 2022. A video of a guitarist playing the national anthem on an electric guitar went popular on social media.

Imnainla Jamir of Nagaland played Jana Gana Mana on an electric guitar while the throng and dignitaries including Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar, Nagaland Governor Jagdish Mukhi, and others stood in respect.

Jamir, a musician from Nagaland who plays in the band The Fantastic Company, has become more well-known since her appearance at the illustrious event was widely publicised online.

Viral Videos India

2-With this cutting-edge multi-rider passenger car, Anand Mahindra impressed; shared viral video

If you follow Anand Mahindra on Twitter, you’ll be aware that he frequently tweets some entertaining videos.

He rarely skips a chance to highlight a remarkable accomplishment, and his most recent message is no different.

The 67-year-old businessman released a video of a young man from rural India who invented this six-seater cycle auto-rickshaw.

The man in the video claims that it is electrically propelled and has a range of up to 150 kilometres on a single charge.

This car cost between 10,000 and 12,000 rupees. He further said that the car might be charged for just Rs 10.

Viral Videos India

3-Using a viral video, a mother saves her five-year-old daughter from a raccoon attack

A video of a mother saving her five-year-old daughter from a raccoon has gone popular online, earning her the title of “Mother of the Year” among internet users.

A young girl named Rylee MacNamara was assaulted by a raccoon on December 2 in England’s Ashford, according to the viral footage.

The young kid cried for rescue after seeing a raccoon encircling her leg.

Her mother immediately ran over to her and made an effort to yank the animal away. She was observed holding the raccoon for some time before throwing it. Internet users are congratulating the mother and leaving sweet comments.

Viral Videos India-2022-Nov 20

1-Satyendar Jain of AAP receives massage in Tihar Jail; watch trending CCTV footage

A video showing AAP minister Satyendar Jain receiving a massage in Delhi’s Tihar Jail was tweeted by numerous BJP politicians today.

Aam Aadmi Party minister allegedly involved in money laundering was detained in May.

Viral Videos India

2-A heated encounter between Xi Jinping and Trudeau at the G20 goes viral

On the G20 sidelines, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Chinese President Xi Jinping got into an argument after the latter allegedly leaked his talk with the former to the press.

The argument between the two leaders was videotaped and has since gone viral.

Viral Videos India

3-Video: Bengali Man Barks Like A Dog In Protest As “Kutta” Is Written On His Ration Card

A man is seen replicating the sounds of a dog in a viral video from Bankura, West Bengal when the authorities misprinted his name on his ration card.

The name Srikant Kumar Dutta was incorrectly printed as Srikanti Kumar Kutta (dog in Hindi). Nothing happened when he tried to fix it.

He, therefore, approached the officials and “barked” at them to get their attention.

Viral Videos India

4-At a California airport, a pilot hangs from the plane’s window for an impressive purpose.

The pilot of Southwest Airlines is perched outside the window of the aircraft, searching for lost luggage.

After a passenger’s phone was abandoned in the terminal at Long Beach Airport in California, the captain and the ground crew helped the individual.

The pilot learned that a passenger had left their phone outside the aircraft as he was about to start accelerating down the runway for departure.

The pilot is seen reaching out of the cockpit glass to retrieve the passenger’s phone in the now-viral video.

Viral Videos India

5-Biden trips and falls while descending a set of stairs in Bali; see what the Indonesian President did here | Watch

While being accompanied by Indonesian President Joko Widodo in Bali, US President Joe Biden fell down some stairs.

Prior to a Mangrove tour, Biden, who is in Indonesia for the G20 Summit, was climbing a set of stairs when he missed the last step. He was just in time for the President of Indonesia to save him.

6- A rhino pokes a dog that is dozing by the road, and the video gets viral.

A video of a rhino nipping a sleeping puppy by the side of the road is going viral online and getting a lot of attention from viewers.

Susanta Nanda, an employee of the Indian Forest Service, posted a video of a rhino wandering alongside a road and stumbling onto a blissfully sleeping dog before beginning to sniff it on Twitter.

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