Google Enhances Messaging App with Editable RCS Messages

Google is enhancing its messaging app to compete with other messaging apps. By introducing new features, it is attracting more users.

It has now added the “edit” option, previously limited to apps like WhatsApp and Instagram, to its app. This means that messages sent via RCS chat can now be edited.

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is an upgrade to regular SMS/MMS texting, offering features similar to WhatsApp.

With the new feature introduced by Google, any message sent via RCS can be edited. To do this, long press on the sent message to open a pop-up menu, select the “edit” option, and correct any errors in the message. Edited messages will clearly show “edited” at the bottom.

However, messages can only be edited within 15 minutes of being sent. This feature is only available for RCS chats and not for SMS/MMS.

Google Enhances Messaging App

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