It’s time for Mohan Babu’s version of NTR

It's time for Mohan Babus version of NTR
It’s time for Mohan Babus version of NTR

For the people from Telugu States, NTR is not just a name but a brand. The name itself is enough for many to get inspired. Be it his filmy career where ruled the industry for decades or the political stint where he became Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in just nine months, NTR has seen many ups and downs in his life.

His journey mainly in political life has many dark sides which is unknown to the outside world but to the persons who followed him closely. We have seen two versions of NTR’s biopic one which is made by Balakrishna and other one by Ram Gopal Varma. Both the movies has got decent craze before the release and the results are divided though.

Now according to the latest information it is time for another version of NTR’s life. Mohan Babu is one person who followed NTR closely in his last days. In fact upon the insistence of the legendary actor that Mohan Babu came into politics and succeeded. Obviously he knows many unknown secrets in NTR’s life particularly in the last days.

It is said that Mohan Babu has unveiled those in Manchu Vishnu’s latest web series Chadarangam which has Srikanth playing the role of NTR. This Zee5 web series will stream very soon.


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