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Kumkum Bhagya- Written Updates- Latest March 22

Kumkum Bhagya: Prachi gets frustrated with Ranbir, hits him!

Kumkum Bhagya has been a long-running hit show, and the reasons are obvious to the viewers.

The show appeals to those who believe that opposites attract, as well as those who believe in the mantle of fate and that if fate brings two people together, they will stay in each other’s lives regardless of what happens.

Kumkum Bhagya is a popular show, and it is easy to see why.

It appeals to those who believe that opposites attract as well as those who believe in fate and that if fate brings two people together, they will stay together regardless of what happens.

The show is currently focusing on Prachi and Ranbir and how they are dealing with their ups and downs.

Rhea is adamant about creating a distance between Prachi and Ranbir.

Previously, we saw that Aaliya tells Rhea that one drink has the power to separate two lovers.

Rhea inquires if they can use the concept again. They are overheard by Shahana.

Aaliya and Rhea catch her and ask if she’s listening in on Prachi’s conversation.

Shahana claims she came to inquire if they would like any cool drinks. Rhea suspects Shahana is planning something.

Aaliya tells her to concentrate on Ranbir and not on anything else.

Rhea needs coffee, so Preeti asks the cook to make it for her.

Ranbir inquires about the bhaang drinks with the staff.

He should ask Aaliya about the bhaang, the servant says, because she was giving the thandai to everyone.

Ranbir recalls snatching the thandai from Aaliya’s grasp.

He believes Aaliya is incapable of doing this with him, but she will go to any length for Rhea.

In the upcoming episode, we see Prachi criticizing Ranbir.

When Ranbir returns to his room, he discovers Prachi is nowhere to be seen until Prachi emerges from the washroom.

Ranbir is taken aback when he sees her. He inquires as to what she is doing in his room.

He claims that he slept in the study room and that he had no idea if she slept in his room.

She tells him not to try to lie if he can’t and not to lie unless he’s completely helpless.

He inquires as to what her issue is that she has such a negative opinion of him.

He claims that her every word is hurtful to him and that she only wants to hurt him. She inquires as to why he creates situations in which he is injured.

She claims that if he had told her he was sleeping in the room, she would not have come to accept his favor.

She claims that his arms were her biggest safe-haven; she used to feel safe, happy, and protected in his arms, but not anymore.

She claims that his touch now makes her uncomfortable.

Her rudeness has hurt him once more.

Prachi is frustrated with Ranbir.

She tells him that she was proud of her husband, their love, and their marriage, but that he ended it all.

Ranbir promises her that even if he dies, he will never betray her.

She slaps him to stop him from talking about death.

Ranbir sobs and clutches his cheek.

Prachi is also hurt that she slapped Ranbir.


Ranbir eventually meets Prachi and conveys his desire to talk to her.

He tells Lakshmi that he needs her help because Shahana is not on his side this time.

Prachi begs that he not include Lakshmi in their disagreement. Lakshmi requests that Prachi talk with Ranbir. Prachi tells Rhea that Ranbir has married her, which upsets her and causes her to refuse to talk to him.

According to Lakshmi, the chances are sometimes stacked against a person. Shahana also requests that Prachi talk with Ranbir once.

Ranbir instructs Prachi not to tell him about what others are saying.

He wonders why she suddenly reverted to his old Prachi on the anniversary day. She alleges that he moved in one night and that as a result, she transformed.

He maintains that their love has changed, but he’s not sure if she now despises him. He asserts that he is not her slave and that he is entitled to do whatever he pleases.

She declares that she is capable of immense hatred and that she will show it to him.

She tells Shahana that Prachi believes Ranbir slept with Rhea, which has irritated her, but that if they expose the truth, Ranbir and Prachi’s relationship would mend.

She tells Shahana that they need to figure out what’s going on.

Rhea urges Aaliya that Prachi and Ranbir should split up and never meet again since Ranbir will only have one road to her.

Aaliya assures her that her wish will come true in the latest episode.

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