RRR Cast promotes the movie extensively- Exclusive videos-March 25

RRR Cast promotes the movie extensively- Exclusive videos-March 25

1- MM Keeravaani chats with Jr NTR and Ram Charan- RRR is set to be released on March 25.

RRR is an upcoming Telugu-language historical action drama film that will be released in theatres globally on March 25.

The film was directed by S. S. Rajamouli and produced by D. V. V. Danayya of DVV Entertainments.

The film’s music and background score were created by M. M. Keeravani.

Keeravani offered some intriguing questions in an interview done before to the film’s release.

He’s asked NTR and Charan to inform him which of his songs they don’t like.

He has instructed them to choose at least one and no more than five music.

MM Keeravani has also highlighted previously unknown incidents that occurred while he was working with Megastar Chiranjeevi and Hari Krishna.

The film, which is set to be released on March 25, stars RRR cast Ram Charan, Jr NTR, Ajay Devgn, and Alia Bhatt in cameo roles, as well as Samuthirakani, Alison Doody, Ray Stevenson, Olivia Morris, and Shriya Saran.

RRR Cast Interview

2- RRR cast Jr NTR, Ram Charan, Alia, and SS Rajamouli attend the Movie Team Press Meet in Delhi LIVE.

To promote SS Rajamouli’s magnum epic ‘RRR,’ the cast is travelling the country.

The film RRR cast Ram Charan and Junior NTR in key roles, is due to hit theatres on March 25 after being postponed multiple times.

The RRR team is currently in Delhi, the national capital, to promote the film.

The squad conducted a news conference and answered media questions.

Speaking on the sidelines of a press conference to promote his next Telugu-language historical drama, “RRR,” Rajamouli stated that pan-India films may be game changers for Indian cinema.

“I discovered throughout the course of my career that the stronger the emotions, or the more fundamental the emotions, the more people tend to appreciate your movie,” Rajamouli remarked.

“That’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

When I watched how well ‘Baahubali’ was received throughout the country, I realised that films based on tales motivated by basic human emotions will have a broader audience.”

According to Ram Charan, pan-India films have the potential to revolutionise Indian cinema. “He (Rajamouli) is completely correct,” he stated.

“He does not set out to create something that will be appreciated by everyone, but that is how it ends up in the end.

Fans not just in India, but all across the world, are looking forward to the premiere of the periodic drama RRR on March 25, 2022.

RRR Cast Press Meet

3-See Rajamouli, Jr NTR, and Ram Charan at the Statue of Unity

RRR, SS Rajamouli’s epic opus, is nearing completion after several delays.

For months, the film’s crew has been on a promotional tour, pulling out all the stops to reach as many people as possible.

The most recent stop on their promotional trip was the Statue of Unity in Gujarat.

The monument was visited by director SS Rajamouli and two of the film’s actors, Ram Charan and Jr NTR, to promote the film.

RRR cast Ram Charan and Jr NTR were observed doing their trademark handshake pose in front of the 182 metre tall monument.

They also posed for pictures with Rajamouli as fans and visitors flocked to view the stars.

RRR Cast Jr NTR, and Ram Charan at the Statue of Unity

4-Aamir Khan learns the ‘Naatu Naatu’ dance from Jr NTR and Ram Charan during an RRR event in Delhi

Jr NTR, Ram Charan, Alia Bhatt, and S.S. Rajamouli, the cast of ‘RRR,’ were in Delhi to promote the film.

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan joined the cast for the RRR promotional event.

Aamir Khan was seen interrogating the two actors on how they executed the ‘Naatu Naatu‘ dance, which the ‘PK’ star believed he couldn’t accomplish.

Finally, Aamir and Alia joined Ram Charan and NTR Jr.

RRR is a period action drama film directed by D.V.V. Danayya and produced by DVV Entertainments.

RRR will be released on March 25th.

RRR Cast Jr NTR, and Ram Charan, Alia Bhat along with Aamir Khan

5- Viral photos of Ram Charan, Jr. NTR visiting the Statue of Unity

Following visits to Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Dubai, the ‘RRR’ pan-India ensemble, which included director Rajamouli and stars NTR and Ram Charan, also paid a visit to the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Statue of Unity in Baroda.

RRR, directed by Rajamouli, will be released in theatres worldwide on March 25th, and the film’s staff is now working on promotional efforts.

On Sunday, Rajamouli, Ram Charan, and NTR paid a visit to Gujarat’s Statue of Unity and posed in their signature handshake position.

Their fans made a beeline towards their favourite celebrities.

Now, photos of Ramcharan and Jr NTR visiting the Statue of Unity are going viral on social media, capturing the hearts of moviegoers.

RRR stars Ram Charan and Jr NTR in the major roles.

RRR Cast Jr NTR, and Ram Charan

6- Rajamouli, Ram Charan, and NTR pay a visit to the Amritsar Golden Temple

From Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Baroda, Delhi, Amritsar, Jaipur, Kolkatta, and Varanasi to Dubai, the filmmakers have planned an intensive promotional tour of the country’s key prospective markets from March 18 to 22.

Tollywood directors Rajamouli, Jr NTR, and Ram Charan went to Amritsar’s Golden Temple to seek blessings before the film’s premiere.

The RRR team is known to be active with movie promotions, and they recently visited Punjab to promote the film.

Rajamouli, Ram Charan, and Jr NTR were all spotted wearing white kurta pyjamas with RRR design.

Director Rajamouli, Ram Charan, and Jr NTR paid a visit to the temple under strict security.

The trio’s moments were recorded by paparazzi, and their images are now making the rounds on social media and gaining the hearts of netizens.

RRR Cast Jr NTR, and Ram Charan with Rajamouli

7- Jr. NTR makes a witty remark about anchor Suma.

Before the release of RRR, Tollywood’s youthful tiger Jr NTR and Mega Power Star Ram Charan spoke with music director Keeravani.

In response to Keeravani’s query, Jr NTR made some amusing remarks on popular anchor Suma.

He stated that she should play grandparents or a villain in films, and that she would be ideal for grandmother parts.

He made some amusing remarks about her being born before the earth’s formation.

Jr NTR joked about Suma being the perfect replacement for Surya Kantham, Chayadevi, and Nirmalamma.

RRR Cast Jr NTR, and Ram Charan interview with Suma

8-Jr NTR speaks in Hindi and want to see RRR Thaali in Punjab.

The RRR crew of Ram Charan, Jr NTR, and SS Rajamouli has been heavily marketing the film and visiting venues all around India and abroad in the lead up to its release.

As part of the plan, the RRR crew paid a visit to Amritsar’s Golden Temple to seek blessings.

Later, Jr NTR remarked to the media in Hindi that this is his first visit and that he feels well and at peace after worshipping at the Golden Temple.

He lauded director Rajamouli, stating that it is because of him that they are able to visit so many lovely places.

He wants RRR to be a huge success in the vein of Baahubali.

NTR desired RRR thaali in Punjab in the same way as Baahubali’s hit conversation in Punjab.

RRR Cast Jr NTR speaks in Amritsar

9-‘RRR’ cinematographer KK Senthil Kumar’s admission about the film’s visual effects

K.K. Senthil Kumar, a famous cinematographer, recently spoke with the media about his impending visual grandeur ‘RRR,’ and claimed that the most of the action sequences in S.S. Rajamouli’s film had to rely on significant VFX.

The first episodes of NTR and Ram Charan are massive and difficult.

There is a scene in the film where both NTR and Charan meet for the first time.

The VFX and technical effort involved in this episode are extensive “Senthil was informed.

Senthil also stated, “We took nearly three years to complete the episode.”

Interview on RRR Cast Jr NTR, and Ram Charan

10- Various run-times for the Hindi and Telugu versions of ‘RRR’

Now that details concerning the fictitious drama’s run length have surfaced, it appears that the Hindi and Telugu versions have distinct run times.

In an intriguing update, the Telugu version of ‘RRR’ runs for 3 hours and 2 minutes, while the Hindi version runs for little under 3 hours and 7 minutes. According to reports, the Hindi version is 5 minutes longer.

RRR Cast Jr NTR, Ram Charan, Ajay, Alia

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