Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- January 23, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- January 23, 2023

1-On January 26, Bharat Biotech will introduce the first-ever intranasal Covid-19 vaccination

On January 26, Bharat Biotech, an Indian vaccine producer, will introduce the first-ever intranasal Covid-19 vaccine.

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News

2-On his coronation, King Charles III will break with a long-standing royal custom.

King Charles III of the United Kingdom will don his military uniform instead of donning his customary silk pants and stockings.

3-Mass shootings in the US: A 72-year-old suspect takes his own life after being encircled

According to California police, the suspect in the mass shooting at the Chinese New Year event, who was 72 years old, committed suicide after being surrounded by law enforcement.

4-A medical emergency is declared in Brazil after malnourished Yanomani children pass away.

After children in the native Yanomami territory died from hunger and other illnesses, Brazil declared a health emergency.

5 – Prime Minister Modi gave the Andaman & Nicobar archipelago’ 21 largest unidentified islands names.

After recipients of the Param Vir Chakra, the prime minister named 21 of the largest unidentified Andaman and Nicobar islands on Monday.

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News

6-Indian Navy commissions INS Vagir, 5th Kalvari class submarine

India’s fifth Kalvari class submarine, INS Vagir, was commissioned into the fleet on Monday.

7-Australia: A group of supporters of Khalistan vandalised the Iskcon temple in Melbourne

In Australia, an ISKCON temple in the city’s Albert Park was vandalised on Monday morning by a group of Khalistan sympathisers amid the continuous spate of vandalism incidents in Melbourne. Within the past 11 days, there have been three recorded vandalism incidents. Anti-Indian slurs were inscribed on the temple’s walls, and banners reading “Khalistan Zindabad” were also raised in addition to the temple’s devastation.

8-Buzz Aldrin, the second person to walk on the moon, weds on his 93rd birthday.

Buzz Aldrin, the second person to ever set foot on the moon, wed his lifelong lover on his 93rd birthday.

9-Indian Student in London Raises Karnataka Flag During Graduation

A video that shows an Indian student at City University of London raising the Karnataka flag at the convocation ceremony as he receives his degree has gone viral on social media.

10-UK PM The government of Rishi Sunak is fighting for its existence. This is why.

A serious political problem is currently plaguing Rishi Sunak. Sunak is tackling a serious economic crisis, a breakdown in UK government services, and an issue with illegal immigration just months after becoming prime minister.

Shashank Mattoo of HT analyses the situation plaguing the UK and posing a challenge to Sunak’s administration. Sunak’s Conservatives are currently trailing the opposition Labour party in the polls, thus Mattoo also examines the political ramifications for the political climate in the UK.

11-U.S. relief for Indian nationals; here’s how to apply for a visa quickly

The United States has taken a significant step by launching new steps to reduce wait times for Indian visa processing. In order to expedite the procedure, the U.S. Embassy in Delhi said that it will arrange special interviews for first-time applicants and boost the number of consular staff members.

In an effort to reduce the backlog of visa applications, the U.S. embassy in Delhi and the consulates in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad held “special Saturday interview days” on January 21.

Additionally, it stated that the US State Department had started processing interview waiver cases remotely for applicants who had already obtained US visas.

Over a quarter of a million more appointments for business and tourist visas were made available by the American consulate in India.

12-Watch: SpiceJet Passenger Disobeyed Crew, Deboarded

Due to his inappropriate behaviour with a female cabin crew member, a customer on a SpiceJet flight was “offloaded” on Monday, the airline said in a statement.

13-Amazon Introduces ‘Amazon Air’ Cargo Fleet Service in India

The world’s largest e-commerce corporation, Amazon, has started its dedicated cargo aircraft, known as “Amazon Air,” in India in order to grow and speed up delivery in one of its core markets. India now joins the United States and Europe as the third market to provide the service.

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