Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- March 30, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- March 30, 2023

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1-Germany criticises India for not upholding the “standards of judicial independence” in the Rahul Gandhi case.

Germany has stated that it has taken notice of Rahul Gandhi’s conviction in a defamation case by the Surat court and that “standards of judicial independence and fundamental democratic principles” should be applied in the case of the Congress leader who has been stripped of his MP status. Germany is the first nation in Europe and the second Western nation after the United States to remark on the Rahul Gandhi situation.

2-Modi Government Signs 3,000 CR Deal with ISRO for GSAT 7B; Made-in-India Satellite for Indian Army

The Indian Army is getting ready to receive its own comms satellite for the first time. With NewSpace India Limited (NSIL), the military ministry agreed to purchase the advanced communication satellite GSAT-7B for 3,000 crore. IAF and Indian Navy are the other two armed services; the Indian Army is the only one without a communications satellite. By 2026, the Army will have a five-ton geostationary satellite that ISRO will have built domestically.

3-On-Cam: How Russian weapons downed a Ukrainian drone in the Crimean peninsula

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has intensified and now includes a large-scale drone conflict. Authorities in Crimea claim that a Ukrainian military drone was shot down by their local air defence system. Additionally, on March 12, Crimea claimed that Ukrainian drones attacked civilian regions with explosives and shrapnel. Last week, Russian troops attacked an airport in Odessa that they claimed was being used to use American-made drones to target civilian residential areas in Crimea.

4-Thousands of Indian techies will benefit from a US court’s decision on the H-1B visa

A judge has decided that spouses of H-1B visa holders are permitted to work in the US, which is a huge relief for foreign employees in the US tech sector.

5-13 Generations of a Muslim Family Serving This Durga Temple

Nationwide, followers continue to celebrate Navratri by swarming temples and making prayers. One such temple dedicated to the goddess Durga is unique because its priests and keepers are from a Muslim household. It is located 75 km from Jodhpur. For the past 13 years, Jamaluddin Khan’s family has provided service to this Bhopalgarh temple.

6-The Gir Cow Breed’s First Cloned Calf Is Called Ganga

After a two-year endeavor, the National Dairy Research Institute, located in Haryana’s Karnal, has created the first-ever clone of a calf from the native Gir cow breed. The calf’s name is Ganga. This innovation involved the use of a unique reproduction method.

7-Watch Mamata Banerjee Do Her Laundry With the “BJP Washing Machine”

Today in Kolkata, an enormous washing machine claimed centre stage at Mamata Banerjee’s protest. The Bengal Chief Minister inserted black cloth, which symbolically “turned white,” as Trinamool Congress officials yelled protest slogans.

8-Daniel Mookhey takes a pledge to serve as the New South Whales’ treasurer on Gita.

An Australian politician of Indian descent named Daniel Mookhey took the pledge to serve as the New South Whales’ treasurer. On the Bhagwat Gita, Mookhey took his pledge.

9-A Pakistani judge issues a non-bailable warrant for Imran Khan.

Imran Khan, the former prime minister of Pakistan, is in legal jeopardy once more after a judge issued a non-bailable warrant for his arrest.

10-Amit Shah: “Under the UPA regime, CBI pressured me to frame Narendra Modi”

Amit Shah remembered how, during the UPA administration, the CBI “put pressure” on him to “frame” Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an alleged fake encounter case in Gujarat.

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