Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- March 31, 2023

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1 Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- March 31, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- March 31, 2023

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1-‘Don’t fear…’: Amritpal’s latest video amid a search; a preacher from Khalistan challenges Punjab police

Amritpal Singh, a fugitive preacher from Khalistan, has just published a new video. The “Waris Punjab De” Chief stated in his most recent video that he does not dread arrest and will not surrender. Amritpal Singh, who has been missing for the past 13 days, promised to appear in front of the world shortly and to stand by his supporters.

2-U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar’s rant about “Muslim genocide in India soon” incites rage I Details

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of the United States is in the news once more due to her anti-Indian tirade. “200 million Indian Muslims are on the verge of genocide,” she asserted. Ilhan Omar, a Democratic member of Congress from Minnesota, added that the Joe Biden government is “hesitant” to take action against India.

3-‘Shameful’: BJP MLA found in Tripura assembly viewing ABUSIVE content on mobile; Cong requests action

According to reports, BJP MLA Jadab Lal Nath was observed viewing an offensive video on his phone in the Tripura assembly, which prompted the opposition to call for harsh punishment against him on Thursday.
On the final day of the Budget session on Wednesday, the incident took place as the assembly was in session, and a recording of it quickly went viral on social media.

The North Tripura district’s Nath, an MLA for the Bagbassa constituency, claimed that as soon as he got a call, pornographic videos began to appear on his phone.

4-Leaders of the Republican Party Criticize Donald Trump’s Indictment

Donald Trump became the first former US president to be charged with a crime on Thursday after a New York grand jury indicted him for hush money payments made to a porn actress during his 2016 presidential campaign.

5-Roof collapse at the Indore Temple killed 12 persons and saved 19 others.

On the occasion of Ram Navmi, the roof of a temple in Indore collapsed, leaving 12 persons dead and 19 others in need of rescue.

6-India reveals the first human infection by a killer plant fungus in history.

According to researchers, this is the first known instance of a killer plant fungus infecting a person and causing flu-like symptoms. An Indian farmer became the first victim of the uncommon fungal disease known as Silver Leaf disease, which is known to be fatal for plants, creating a major panic. Although the exact date of the event is unknown, Medical Mycology Case Reports has published information about it.

This unsettling information follows a warning from US health officials last week about the Candida auris fungus, which can kill up to 60% of those it infects. They noted that the disease had tripled in recent years and had also developed drug resistance to a number of different medications.

7- A judge decides that H-1B visa holders’ spouses can now work in the United States.

The holders of H-1B visas in the US have good tidings! The spouses of H-1B visa holders are now permitted to work in the USA, according to a recent decision by a US district judge, which is a huge relief for the foreign workers in the US tech industry. Major technology firms like Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others scored a significant victory as a result of this ruling.

8-On a Guwahati to Delhi flight, an eight-drunk passenger vomits and defecates near the bathroom.

A drunk passenger allegedly puked on an IndiGo flight from Guwahati to Delhi on March 26. According to reports, the traveller also urinated close to the bathroom. On Twitter, a passenger who was an advocate for equality reported the event.

The IndiGo staff received praise from attorney Bhaskar Dev Konwar for handling the issue skillfully. Konwar posted a photo of a staff member using spray and tissues to clean up a passenger’s vomit stain. Internet users praised the female member of the cabin staff for tidying up the mess.

9-Court Fines Arvind Kejriwal for Not Having PM Degree Details: Report

The state High Court today overturned a ruling ordering the Gujarat University to disclose information about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s degree, stating that the information is not required. Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, was also penalised Rs 25,000 by the Gujarat High Court for requesting these specifics.

10- Donald Trump was charged with 10’stormy’ counts.

Donald Trump’s freedom: Will it last? Can he run for office while being investigated? How long will it take to hold the previous US President accountable? Parmeshwar Bawa of NDTV breaks down every aspect for us.

11- Telangana leader YS Sharmila was detained while protesting the leak of exam papers.

Police detained YS Sharmila, the leader of the YSR Telangana Party, today after she left a rally in Hyderabad. Dramatic footage from the scene showed the cops dragging the woman as she struggled to be released. A bus was also used to transport some of her fans who had joined her in yelling for justice regarding exam paper leaks.

12-Apr-1 Brings New Tax Regulations: These Are The Changes

Numerous changes will take place as of Saturday, April 1 as the start of a new fiscal year. Changes to the income tax laws are one of them, and they will immediately affect a large number of Indians. Additionally, new tax slabs will be implemented, which the government claims will help a number of taxpayers. Notably, unless a taxpayer selects the old regime when submitting their income tax return, the new tax regime will be the default tax regime. (ITR). Nirmala Sitharaman, the finance minister, made the announcements in this year’s budget address.

13-Bhagwant Mann’s daughter is reportedly being threatened by pro-Khalistan individuals in the US.

the daughter of Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, who reportedly got threatening calls from pro-Khalistan elements, is safe, according to the head of the Delhi Commission for Women, Swati Maliwal, who today requested the Indian Embassy in the United States. According to a Patiala-based lawyer, pro-Khalisan elements reportedly called up and verbally harassed Mann’s daughter Seerat Kaur Mann, who resides in the US.

14-IPL 2023: Gujarat Titans vs. Chennai Super Kings, where to view, and other information

At the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, the 16th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) will get under way on Friday with a tantalising match between the defending champion Gujarat Titans (GT) and the four-time winner Chennai Super Kings. At the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, the star-studded match between the defending champion Gujarat Titans (GT) and the four-time winner Chennai Super Kings will serve as the opening match of the 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL).

15-Priyanka Chopra surpasses Kylie Jenner, and her company “Anomaly” is the second-richest celebrity brand.

In order to commemorate the launch of her hair care brand, which she had previously introduced in the USA, Priyanka Chopra recently paid a visit to India. Priyanka Chopra has surpassed Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez to take the second spot on this list, per a study that assesses the efficacy of celebrity brands. In 2023, her name has grown to become the second-richest company.

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