Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 20, 2023

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1 Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 20, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 20, 2023

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1-Hindu students in the UK were ‘bullied’ and pressured by Muslim students to ‘convert to Islam’ | Report

In order to avoid being bullied and lead better lives, Muslim kids are pressing their Hindu peers to convert, according to research by the British think tank Henry Jackson Society.

According to the survey, Hindu students are “held responsible” for India’s actions. According to the survey, the majority of Hindu parents report that their kids are bullied at school.

The issue was brought to light specifically by fighting between Hindus and Muslims in Leicester, and the report observed that this is what fuels prejudice and hatred in schools.

2-In a report to the Supreme Court, Pakistan expresses fear that “India can attack us” | Details

According to the Shehbaz Sharif Government of Pakistan, India might threaten Pakistan with “limited military action” or go to war with it outright.

The allegations were made by the Pakistani defence ministry in a report presented to the Supreme Court as part of an argument against the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab elections.

3-Jammu and Kashmir School Gets a Facelift After Girl’s Appeal To PM Goes Viral

The Jammu and Kashmir government has begun work to modernise the school days after a Class 3 student pleaded with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a video message to guarantee basic amenities at her school in the Kathua area.

4-Indian Army Debuts Precision Drone Capable of 15-Kilometer Strikes

On April 19, the Indian Army held a presentation of “Niche Technology and Innovation” at the Manekshaw Centre. The Indian Army showed off some unusual equipment that can help it now and in the future. An easy-to-assemble loitering munition called NAGASTRA -01 that may be launched from the ground and used to destroy targets was displayed.

The Nagastra-1 can strike its target with the highest degree of precision at a range of 15 kilometres with a 1.5 kg explosive warhead.

5-Aaradhya Bachchan sues a YouTube tabloid for falsely reporting on her health and asks the Delhi High Court to intervene.

Aaradhya Bachchan filed a complaint with the Delhi High Court accusing a YouTube tabloid of fabricating information regarding her health.

The 11-year-old Aaradhya Bachchan is the child of actors Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan.

The case hearing is scheduled for April 20. Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter and her parents are frequently photographed at prestigious events.

6- Disqualification of Rahul Gandhi: Major Setback for Rahul Gandhi, Plea Rejected

Congressman Rahul Gandhi’s request for a stay of execution in a criminal defamation case stemming from his remark about the “Modi surname” was denied by a Surat sessions court on Thursday.

Gandhi asked for a stay of execution while he appealed a lower court’s decision to sentence him to two years in prison in the case, and the court of Additional Sessions Judge RP Mogera had deferred its decision on that request for April 20.

7-Kirandeep Kaur, the spouse of Amritpal Singh Kirandeep Kaur was detained at the Amritsar Airport.

The Punjab police seized Kirandeep Kaur, the fugitive Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh’s wife, as she was ready to board a flight to London at Sri Guru Ram Das Ji International Airport in Amritsar. The arrest was made in connection with a case involving the support of separatist and terrorist acts.

Khalistani insurgent Amritpal Singh has been hiding out for a number of years. He is sought after in India in connection with a number of terrorism and secessionist-related offences. As part of the ongoing investigation into these incidents, Kirandeep Kaur was detained.

8-Rahul Gandhi’s request for relief in the defamation case was denied by the Surat court.

Rahul Gandhi’s attempt to have his conviction in a defamation lawsuit stemming from his remark about the “Modi surname” dismissed by a Gujarati court today was denied. As a result, Rahul Gandhi cannot be re-elected to the House of Commons.

9 – Amartya Sen, the recipient of the Nobel Prize, is asked to leave 13 decimals of land by Visva Bharati University.

Nobel laureate Amartya Sen has been ordered by Visva Bharati University to leave the 13 decimals of land that he is reportedly holding illegally by May 6 or within 15 days of the release of the most recent decree on April 19.

10-In a recent video, a J&K girl praises the PM for responding to her plea for help with school in “Love You Modi Ji”

After a Class 3 student pleaded with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a video message to ensure basic amenities at her school in the Kathua district, the Jammu and Kashmir administration started work to modernise the school days. After viewing Seerat Naaz’s video appeal to the prime minister last week, which was widely shared on social media, Ravi Shankar Sharma, the director of school education in Jammu, went to the public school that is situated in the isolated Lohai-Malhar block. Watch

11-Chairman of the Supreme Court on Gay Marriage: “Even At The Risk Of Getting Trolled…”

When the Supreme Court heard arguments on Thursday about the legalisation of same-sex marriages, Chief Justice DY Chandrachud questioned whether having two spouses who share a binary gender was necessary for marriage. On the third day of the hearing by a five-judge bench, which is being live-streamed on the court website and YouTube, Justice Chandrachud stated, “We see these [same-sex] relationships not just as physical relations but something more of a stable, emotional relationship.”

12-Yash Chopra’s wife and Aditya Chopra’s mother, Pamela Chopra, dies at 74

At the age of 74, Pamela Chopra, the late Yash Chopra’s wife, passed died. Aditya Chopra, the head of YRF, and actor Uday Chopra were both raised by Pamela.

She was a singer who contributed to the soundtracks of numerous Yash Chopra films.Pamela was placed on a ventilator during her 15 days of hospitalisation at Mumbai’s Lilavati hospital, but her condition worsened. A few media updates stated that she died of pneumonia, despite some stories claiming she died of an age-related ailment.

13-Rapper Honey Singh,, is charged with kidnapping an event planner, according to a Mumbai complaint

Rapper and musician Honey Singh is well-known in his field. Presently, Honey Singh is promoting Honey Singh 3.0, his most recent album. According to reports, the artist faces legal issues. He has been accused of kidnapping and assaulting an event organiser, according to a police complaint. To learn more, watch the video through to the conclusion.

14-Dos and Don’ts For Pregnant Women During Surya Grahan Or Sutak Kaal For the April 20, 2023, Solar Eclipse

April 20 will be the day of the first solar eclipse of 2023. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon obscures the sun. The hybrid solar eclipse on April 2 will have a magnitude of 1.01, according to the Drik Panchang. It also goes by the name Surya Grahan. Pregnant women are not supposed to leave the house during Surya Grahan, according to conventional wisdom.

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