Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- May 3, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- May 3, 2023

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1-CRPF Jawan from Bihar performs Kashmiri melodies, and the video gets viral.

On social media, a video of a CRPF jawan singing Kashmiri songs is gaining popularity.

This jawan from Bihar stationed in Bandipora sings a few Kashmiri songs while the gorgeous Kashmir valley can be seen in the background.

Netizens have been complimenting the Jawan’s optimism in the popular, undated video.

2-Kashmir G20: Using this strategy, Indian forces will thwart any “possible” suicide and grenade strikes in Srinagar

In order to stop potential terrorist attacks, such as Fidayeen raids and VBIEDs, the G20 venue in Srinagar would be secured by Marine Commandos of the Indian Army and NSG later this month, according to the Jammu and Kashmir Police. In response to threats from terrorist organisations with a base in Pakistan, security authorities conducted a security review meeting in Srinagar.

3-Paris streets on fire, 100 police officers injured, Macron undeterred by pension wrath as France burns once more

Numerous demonstrations are being held against French President Emmanuel Macron’s wildly unpopular pension reforms.

During may day labour union-led rallies on Monday, the French police engaged in combat with hundreds of demonstrators in Paris and other French towns.

In the midst of protests against the law raising the retirement age in the European nation, at least 540 individuals were detained.

Just in the French capital, Paris, there were at least 300 arrests. On June 6, there will be yet another round of nationwide demonstrations against the French government.

4-‘32,000 Girls Saved’ to ‘Story of 3 Girls’ in the Kerala Story Row

The makers of the upcoming film “The Kerala Story” have now modified the description of its teaser on YouTube amid the growing criticism surrounding it. Earlier, the film’s creators asserted that 32,000 Keralan girls had converted to Islam and joined the terrorist organisation ISIS. Now, according to the description, it is a collection of the true tales of three young girls from various regions of Kerala.

5-Sharad Pawar’s Surprise Resignation: A Masterstroke Or Desperation?

Congress and Uddhav Thackeray, as well as Sharad Pawar’s party and NCP allies in Maharashtra, were taken aback by his departure as leader today. A few hours later, Sharad Pawar agreed to “rethink” and stated that he required “two-three days” amid a spectacular display of concern inside his party. NCP leaders flocked to the platform as soon as 82-year-old Sharad Pawar dropped the shocking revelation this morning during the presentation of his memoirs. Many of the leaders pledged to remain in place until the veteran changed his mind while some leaders sobbed.

6-Flights are halted by Broke Go First, who blames US engine manufacturers for the issues.

Due to a significant cash constraint, Go First airline will cancel all flights from Wednesday through Friday. As a result of not receiving spare engines from US company Pratt & Whitney (P&W), the airline’s fleet is just 50% operational, according to a statement from the carrier.

7-Wrestling Organisation Chief: “Will Resign If Asked By PM Or BJP”

Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, the president of the Indian Wrestling Federation, has stated that he will retire if either Prime Minister Narendra Modi or the BJP is elected. He is being accused of significant sexual harassment by female athletes. Why would PM Modi want that I step down? I will quit if he wants me to, too. I will retire if the Prime Minister or my party (BJP) urge me to if my actions damage the reputation of my party, he said NDTV.

8-A Pak Man Consumes Potato Chips With Roti During a Crisis

The general populace is suffering the most as Pakistan deals with one of the greatest economic crises in its history. A Pakistani is shown eating roti and potato chips in a popular video. There is no other choice, he can be heard saying.

9-Watch: PM Interacts With Kids In Karnataka, Which Is Heading To The Polls | Karnataka Election 2023

Karnataka Election 2023: On a visit to election-bound Karnataka on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in a lighthearted exchange with children in Kalaburagi. In Kalaburagi, the prime minister conducted a large roadshow. Prior to the roadshow, PM Modi approached a group of kids who were applauding him and struck up a friendly dialogue.

10-Hasin Jahan, Mohammed Shami’s wife, visits the SC and accuses him of dowry.

The Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami is in controversy once more after being charged with dowry and having an extramarital relationship by his divorced wife Hasin Jahan.

11- Manobala, an actor and director, dies in Chennai at the age of 69.

Manobala, a well-known Tamil actor and director, passed away on May 3. He was 69 years old and apparently ailing with a condition relating to his liver.

12- Drone attack on the president’s home in the Kremlin; Russia promises “revenge” in Putin Assassination Bid

President Vladimir Putin allegedly received two drone attacks from Ukraine, according to Russia. The drones were shot down by Russian air defences, as seen in several videos posted on social media, before they could attack Putin’s house in the Kremlin Citadel. In a statement, the Kremlin spokeswoman claimed that Putin was not at home during the time of the intended attack and vowed reprisal. Ukraine has not yet provided a response to the full situation.

13-Watch as Russian artillery causes fire damage in Donetsk, forcing Zelensky’s men to “run for their lives”

A new video depicting Russian artillery troops hunting and destroying Ukrainian command stations in the frontline forests was released by the Russian defence ministry. In the video, drones can be seen spotting the movement of Ukrainian soldiers, at which point Russian artillery starts pelting them with bullets. This occurs after Russian soldiers apparently deflected four HIMARS missiles and a JDAM guided bomb on the previous day.

14-Video: Mumbai Dabbawalas Purchase Coronation Gifts

The renowned Mumbai Dabbawalas were spotted on Tuesday shopping for gifts in advance of the coronation ceremony of Britain’s King Charles. The official coronation of King Charles, 74, as king will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London.

15-Watch: Famous Tamil Nadu Bridge Allows Boat Passage

Tuesday saw the opening of a bridge built in the British era in Ramswaram, Tamil Nadu, to allow for the passage of ships.

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