Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- May 10, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- May 10, 2023

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1-Delhi Police bans Pakistani actress who accused PM Modi of orchestrating rioting following Imran’s incarceration | Details

Following her accusation that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and espionage agency R&AW were to blame for the unrest in Pakistan after Imran Khan’s imprisonment, Pakistani actress Sehar Shinwari received an epic response from Delhi Police, which is receiving applause on Indian Twitter.

2-‘The Kerala Story’ crew receives a threat; Mumbai Police provide security.

A death threat was made to a cast member of “The Kerala Story” by an unknown caller. The incident was reported to the police by the film’s director, Sudipto Sen. The message “threatened the said person not to step out alone from home and that they did not do a good thing by showing the story,” the police added.

3-Imran supporters embarrassing Pak by burning a Shenyang F-6 mock aircraft in Mianwali

A Chinese Shenyang F-6 fake aircraft was set on fire at an army base in Mianwali, Punjab, by supporters of the former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan, causing significant embarrassment for Pakistan.

4-A singer named Arijit Singh is hurt after an enthused concertgoer grabs his hand.

On his most recent statewide tour, singer Arijit Singh performed in Aurangabad. The show was a success, but an unpleasant thing happened.

5-Donald Trump criticises the judgement after being found guilty of sexual abuse in a civil trial

During his brief tenure in office, Donald Trump established several legal firsts for a president. He was the first president to face two rounds of impeachment proceedings, the first president to face criminal charges, and he is now the first president to be found guilty of sexual assault by a jury of his fellow presidents.

6-Common uniform for officers with a level higher than Brigadier will be implemented on August 1st.

All officers in the Indian army with the rank of brigadier or higher will wear a common uniform starting on August 1 of this year, regardless of their connection with a regiment or corps. This modification is not new. This practise was previously used, and the Army is just returning to it now that the service has adopted the trend towards wearing regimental affiliations, which occurred over 40 years ago. This choice was made at the recent Army Commanders’ Conference, which was for the first time convened in a hybrid format.

7-During protests over the arrest, Imran Khan’s party calls for an event in Islamabad.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has directed the party officials, workers, and supporters to assemble at the Islamabad Judicial Complex at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, asserting that ongoing nationwide rallies will continue till the release of former Pakistan PM Imran Khan.

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