Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- May 11, 2023

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1 Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- May 11, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- May 11, 2023

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1-The Supreme Court rules in favour of the Delhi government in the case against the Centre.

The Supreme court of India on Thursday gave a judgement in the favour of Delhi government in a lawsuit against the center. According to SC, LG is subject to the ruling of the duly elected government.

2-Imran Khan: Protest over the former PM’s detention outside the Pakistani Embassy in Washington

Pakistan has become a battleground as a result of Imran Khan’s arrest by the Pakistan Rangers. Supporters of the former PM have destroyed government buildings, damaged public and private properties, vehicles and more. Many of these protesters have been detained as a result of the Police’s harsh response to them.

The protests against Imran Khan’s imprisonment are not restricted to Pakistan though. Supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) demonstrated against Imran Khan’s arrest in front of the Pakistan Embassy in Washington. They called for the release of Khan and even chanted slogans against the Chief Justice and Army Generals.

3-Amritsar: 5 suspects arrested after the third explosion in a week near the Golden Temple

A tremendous noise was once more heard close to the Golden Temple around midnight, shaking Amritsar for the third time in a week with a low intensity explosion. This explosion was apparently heard close to Shri Guru Ramdas Ji Niwas, which is close to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. On May 6 and May 8, respectively, the previous two explosions rocked Heritage Street nearby.

4-Samantha Ruth Prabhu purchases an opulent duplex apartment in Hyderabad; information

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is the pleased owner of a new property in Hyderabad, which is worth a whooping ₹7.8 crore.

5-Adhara Pérez, a Mexican woman who has an IQ greater than Albert Einstein’s, will obtain an MA.

Adhara Pérez Sánchez, a young Mexican girl of 11, is on track to accomplish a spectacular achievement by earning her Master’s degree at such a young age.

6-NAB gets Imran Khan’s remand in Al-Qadir Trust case, a day after arrest

After intense turmoil followed Imran Khan’s arrest on Tuesday. Imran Khan has now been sent to an 8-day physical remand to the NAB in the Al-Qadir Trust Case. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman was sent to the accountability court.

7-Over 500 Imran supporters attack Sharif’s Lahore bungalow in Pak PM’s Home Burning

Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s Lahore mansion was set on fire by enraged supporters of Imran Khan on Wednesday. According to police, more than 500 PTI workers hurled petrol bombs at Sharif’s house and also set ablaze vehicles parked there. Imran Khan supporters also set ablaze the ruling PML-N secretariat office. Since Imran Khan was taken into custody by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in connection with a land transfer corruption case, Pakistan has experienced unprecedented levels of violence.

8-“Unelected Billionaire”: Rishi Sunak was scorned for taking a short VIP helicopter ride from London

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is being mocked again over his ‘VIP lifestyle.’ The British Prime Minister took a helicopter to travel from London to Southampton and back, which would have taken him more than an hour by train. To advance healthcare policy, Sunak flew in a chopper to a pharmacy in Southampton. Downing Street acknowledged that government funds were used to pay for the flight. The VIP helicopter ride has led to a significant social media backlash against Sunak. Sunak was criticised by irate Twitter users for being a “unelected billionaire.”

9-Inauguration Of One Medical College Every Month For 9 Years On Average: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi noted on Wednesday that the country’s healthcare system has undergone significant change, with an average of one medical college being opened each month over the previous nine years. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Modi paid a visit to the Brahma Kumaris’ Shantivan facility in Abu Road, Rajasthan. He also lay the cornerstone for the expansion of the nursing college, the second phase of Shivmani Old Age Home, and a super speciality charitable global hospital. On this occasion, the PM Modi also attended a cultural performance.

10-In Telangana, 8 Students Commit Suicide Following Intermediate Exam Results

In Telangana, eight students committed suicide in the 24 hours following the release of the intermediate test results on Tuesday, which correspond to Classes 11 and 12.

11-Shock, Outrage as Kerala Doctor is Stabbed to Death by Patient She Was Treating

A 23-year-old doctor was stabbed to death on Wednesday at a hospital in Kottarakkara region of Kollam district in Kerala purportedly by a guy, a school teacher under suspension, who was brought there by police after being involved in a conflict with his family members.

12-Imran Khan’s Arrest Illegal, Release Him Immediately: Pak Supreme Court

Imran Khan: The country’s Supreme Court ruled today amid violent protests by supporters of the former Prime Minister who is facing corruption allegations that Imran Khan’s arrest by Pakistan’s top anti-corruption authority is unlawful and he should be released immediately. The National Accountability Bureau is in charge of Mr. Khan.

13-Mumbai Police Issue Lookout Circular Against Indian Student in UK After Salman Khan Death Threats

Mumbai According to PTI, police have issued a look out circular (LOC) against an Indian student for allegedly sending Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan a threatening email. According to reports, the student is studying medicine in the United Kingdom. The student’s return to India has been started by the police. According to PTI, authorities believe that the student threatened Salman Khan in March under the alias of imprisoned mobster Goldy Brar (a servant of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi).

14-Virat Kohli’s Hilarious Reaction When Photographers Address Anushka Sharma as “Sir,” “Virat Ma’am Bhi Bolde”

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and his wife actor Anushka Sharma stepped out for dinner on May 10. The duo was spotted visiting Kohli’s restaurant in Mumbai. Virat Kohli was dressed in a printed shirt and black pants. White slacks and a sleeveless shirt made up Anushka Sharma’s fashionable outfit. The pair posed for photos with joy. In order to get the perfect click, a paparazzo accidently called Anushka as ‘sir’. Virat Kohli burst out in laughter. The famous cricketer playfully requested that they address him as “ma’am.”

15-UK welcomes first child born with three people’s DNA

A baby has been delivered for the first time in the UK utilising a novel procedure that uses DNA from three people to help stop the inheritance of incurable diseases. The name of this cutting-edge IVF method is “Mitochondrial Donation Treatment,” sometimes known as “Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy,” or simply “MDT.” Because this method includes a woman giving birth to an IVF baby with DNA from three people even though more than 99.8% of the DNA in the newborns comes from the mother and father, the child born via this method is also known as a “3-Parent Baby.”

16-US introduces Citizenship Act to do away with country quota for H-1B visas and Green Cards

The Citizenship Act, sponsored by the country’s dominant Democratic party, aims to modify the much desired H-1B visa system and eliminate the country-based green card quota, among other things. Congresswoman Linda Sanchez sponsored the US Citizenship Act 2023, which establishes an earned path to citizenship for all 11 million unauthorised immigrants.

17-Imran Khan is released by the Supreme Court from NAB custody following Pakistan unrest

Days after former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was taken into custody at an Islamabad court, the country’s Supreme Court declared the rangers’ arrest of him to be unlawful. Additionally, the top court mandated that Khan appear before the Islamabad High Court on Friday.

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