Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-June 13, 2023

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1 Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-June 13, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-June 13, 2023

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1-India Honoured by ‘Pakistan’s Ambani,’ Mian Mansha Schools Islamabad Amid Economic Mayhem

Despite gaining independence at the same time, India and Pakistan currently have very different situations. While they are busy criticising India on the international stage, many Pakistanis have criticised their own government. The Shehbaz Sharif administration has received the most recent training from Pakistan Ambani, a businessman. India has received high commendation from Mian Mohammad Mansha, head of the Nishat Group. Even the Shehbaz Sharif administration has received advice from Mian Mansha to strengthen ties with India.

2-F-18, Predators, and More: ‘Historic’ Defence Deals to be Signed During PM Modi’s U.S. Visit

The visit of PM Narendra Modi to the US will advance India’s defence agreements with Washington. Jake Sullivan, the NSA for the United States, is a key player in establishing the defence ties. PM Modi will be contacted by Sullivan to go over the specifics of the potential deals. In Delhi, Sullivan will also see S. Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs. There are a number of “historic” defence agreements on the table, including the sale of 26 F-18 fighter aircraft to the Indian Navy, the transfer of Predator drones, and the manufacture of GE-414 aircraft engines in India under licence. India needs this action badly because of the war-related delays in Russian weaponry shipments. All eyes are on the United States-India defence agreements given the current situation

3-All Oil Workers Are Saved by Indian ‘Heroes’ from Stormy Seas Near Dwarka | Watch Dangerous Mission

Off the coast of Dwarka, the Indian Coast Guard has evacuated all staff from an oil rig that has become stranded in rough waves as a result of Cyclone Biparjoy. The ICG made seven missions with ALH MK III and Ship Shoor overnight to rescue 24 more personnel who had become trapped on the rig. Find out how the ‘heroes’ handled the bad weather by watching this video.

4-Pro-Khalistan vandals caught on camera in London after the Indian embassy attack; NIA seeks assistance

CCTV footage of the attack on the Indian Embassy in London on March 19 of this year was made public by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). Radical anti-Indian Khalistanis can be seen damaging the Indian Embassy grounds for approximately two hours on video. The NIA also asked the public for assistance in locating those responsible for the violent protest.

5-‘Get Out And Go Home,’ Xi Orders India’s Media Presence to Leave China; Beijing Lays the Blame at New Delhi

The final Indian journalist working in China has been told to leave. The Press Trust of India correspondent was told to depart this month by the Xi Jinping administration. The departure of the PTI reporter puts an end to India’s media presence in the second-largest economy in the world. The choice was made in the midst of hostilities between the two Asian powerhouses. Chinese journalists have been subjected to “unfair and discriminatory treatment” in India, according to China. Beijing stated that India had denied Chinese state media journalists’ requests for visa extensions. There are growing diplomatic tensions between China and India over an unusual border dispute.

6-Shubman Gill, an Indian opener, was penalised by the ICC for a social media post on the WTC Final. Why is this

Both Team India and Shubman Gill received severe fines from the International Cricket Board (ICC). The entire cost of the Indian team’s WTC final match charge has been penalised for a sluggish overrate. Shubman Gill, the India opener, was also penalised 15% of his match fee for expressing resentment over the third umpire’s decision to dismiss him in the second inning.

7-Video: A Rajasthani groom transports 51 tractors to the wedding venue

People in the region were drawn to a wedding procession in Rajasthan’s Barmer on Monday because it was unusual—the groom arrived on 51 tractors, including one he drove himself. The groom’s father told news agency ANI, “My wedding procession left on one tractor, so I got 51 of them for my son. Mamata, a native of the hamlet Roli, wed Prakash Choudhary, a resident of the village Gudamalani. The bridegroom’s home was 51 kilometres away when the procession left on Monday morning for Roli. On the 51 tractors, there were more than 200 wedding guests.

8-A Bengaluru woman enters the police station carrying her mother’s body after killing her.

On Monday afternoon, a woman from Bengaluru entered a police station carrying a suitcase that contained her mother’s remains. According to the police, the lady, a 35-year-old West Bengali physiotherapist, entered the police station at about 1 pm and admitted to killing the victim.

8-A Bengaluru woman enters the police station carrying her mother’s body after killing her.

On Monday afternoon, a woman from Bengaluru entered a police station carrying a suitcase that contained her mother’s remains. According to the police, the lady, a 35-year-old West Bengali physiotherapist, entered the police station at about 1 pm and admitted to killing the victim.

9-Viral Video: A tanker truck fire causes a US Highway near Philadelphia to collapse

In a tragic occurrence that occurred in Philadelphia, an elevated section of Interstate 75 fell early on Sunday, blocking a busy section of the primary north-south route along the East Coast indefinitely.

10-Tamannaah Bhatia acknowledges their connection to Vijay Varma

Tamannaah Bhatia finally discusses her relationship with Vijay Varma, expressing her admiration for him and her hope that his acting profession may someday be acknowledged. She went on to remark that their connection is genuinely organic. To learn more, please watch the video.

11-At the age of 50, Prabhu Deva and wife Himani welcome their first daughter.

Prabhudeva, a renowned performer and choreographer, and his wife Himani Singh have a daughter. The 50-year-old happy father acknowledged the news and expressed his excitement.

12-Bella Montoya: Ecuadorian woman resurrects in coffin moments before funeral

A 76-year-old woman from Ecuador who had been certified dead at the hospital shocked her family by tapping on her coffin while she was being buried. A federal probe into the hospital has been initiated by this. Bella Montoya, a retired nurse, was rushed to the hospital on Friday after experiencing what might have been a stroke and cardiac arrest. Upon seeing no response to resuscitation, the on-call physician pronounced her dead.

13-NASA posts a photo of a flower that was grown in space, and internet users dub it a miracle.

A flower that has grown in space was depicted by NASA. Since 2015, the flower has been a subject of investigation.

14-Swiggy surprised SRK with a dinner delivery at Mannat.

Shah Rukh Khan is well-known throughout the world for more than simply his attractive features and acting prowess. King Khan’s wit and sarcastic responses are among his most adored and admired traits. We enjoy listening to his interviews, and his wit is undoubtedly the main factor. We enjoy his tweets and online interactions with fans in addition to his interviews. Fans flooded SRK with questions during a recent 15-minute #AskSRK session on Twitter. Swiggy even delivered dinner to his place after a few exchanges and shoutouts. Why then did Swiggy treat SRK to dinner?

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