Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- October 6, 2023

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1 Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- October 6, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- October 6, 2023

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1-India defeated Pakistan 61-14 in Kabaddi at the Asian Games to go to the gold medal game.

The Indian men’s Kabaddi team overcame Pakistan 61-14 in the semifinal to advance to Friday’s gold medal game.

2-Mahmud Ali Outburst by Telangana Minister: VVIP Arrogance as Minister Slaps Guard Over Bouquet

A Telangana minister loses his cool and slaps his own security guard over a bouquet in a startling display of VVIP haughtiness. Watch the distressing occurrence take place as the tense situation in this shocking instance of government misbehavior escalates.

3-Update on the Bet App Scandal in Bollywood, Huma Qureshi, and Kapil Sharma Ask for More Time

The Enforcement Directorate has summoned actors Shraddha Kapoor, Huma Qureshi, Hina Khan, and comedian Kapil Sharma in connection with its investigation into a case involving online betting.

The investigation agency has summoned Kapil Sharma for attending the Mahadev Book app’s success party in Dubai in September as well as Huma Qureshi and Hina Khan for alleged app marketing. On Friday, October 6, Shraddha Kapoor has been ordered to appear before the main body.

4-Pro-Ukraine Americans attacked Vivek Ramaswamy’s car; he said, “My focus is the United States, not Kiev” | Watch

Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican candidate for president, alleged that at least two demonstrators struck his car because they were offended by his comments regarding Ukraine. Images of two cars, one of which looked to have damage to the back fender, were shared by Ramaswamy.

It’s not clear, though, whether the picture depicts Ramaswamy’s wrecked car. On Thursday, the event happened when he was running for office in Iowa. Ramaswamy also that action be taken against the demonstrators on X, formerly known as Twitter.

5 PM Canada Disgruntled guy in Toronto is confronted by Justin Trudeau. Watch the exchange

As Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, greeted his supporters in Toronto, a man approached him. The man refused to shake Trudeau’s hand and heckled him on things like the housing crisis and carbon prices. In a social media video that quickly gained popularity,

Trudeau can be seen greeting a supporter and shaking hands. He then extends his hand in greeting to the man. However, the man hesitates and declines to shake hands with him. Instead, he abused the Canadian PM verbally.

6 Narges Mohammadi of Iran receives the Nobel Peace Prize

Narges Mohammadi, a champion of Iranian human rights, receives the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize.

The laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize was chosen by the Norwegian Nobel Committee from among 351 contenders, including 259 individuals and 92 organizations.

7-Delhi Metro: Know the entire process for booking tickets using WhatsApp

Both Hindi and English are supported by the WhatsApp ticketing service for the Delhi Metro. It is currently accessible on all Delhi Metro circuits and includes all stations, including Gurgaon Rapid Metro.

8-India defeated Japan 5-1 at the 2023 Asian Games to win the gold medal and qualify for the Paris Olympics.

The Indian men’s hockey team defeated Japan 5-1 to win the Asian Games gold medal and qualify for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

9-Cricket World Cup Boosts the Hospitality Sector, Bookings Increase Dramatically

The World Cup hype has been really positive for the hospitality sector as well. Hotels are hoping to profit greatly from cricket fans’ excitement as they prepare to travel to the cities where matches will be played. According to Sakshi Bajaj

10- Student Who Recovered Fallen Flag in UK: “Some Are Anti-India Just To Be Cool”

A student from India criticized the tendency of some Indians living abroad to be anti-Indian “just to appear cool” as he picked up the national flag that had fallen to the ground during a Khalistani rally in London. At a Khalistani protest on Monday in front of the Indian High Commission in London, Satyam Surana, a student at the London School of Economics, was seen on camera picking up the national flag.

“Seeing attacks on Indians is concerning… One of the biggest economies and a superpower in the making is India. India needs to stop protesting in order to stop its growth, Mr. Surana said to NDTV today.

11-Asian Games 2023: India’s Perfect 100. After 72 Years, Record Asian Games Haul

India has won more than 100 medals at the 2023 Asian Games. 94 medals have already been earned by the nation, and nine more are guaranteed to push the total past the unprecedented 100.

The promised medals’ color needs to be verified. India will have more medals than 100 for the first time in the competition’s history; its previous high was 70. It’s important to note that India has now won a record 21 gold medals, breaking its previous mark at the continental competition. India excelled in athletics and shooting competitions.

12-Telangana’s KTR: “School Breakfast Program Will Provide Mothers With Relief”

Days before the state announced poll dates, the Telangana administration on Friday unveiled a breakfast program for students that was termed as a Dussehra gift from Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR). After introducing the program, state minister KT Rama Rao (KTR) sat down at the breakfast table with the pupils.

13- Telangana’s KTR: “Congress Lost Warranty Long Back, What’s In Their Guarantee”

Days before the state announced poll dates, the Telangana administration on Friday unveiled a breakfast program for students that was termed as a Dussehra gift from Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR). KTR, a state minister, was interviewed by Uma Sudhir of NDTV.

14- India’s World Cup Fever: Odisha’s Chalk Artist Applauds ‘Men In Blue’ in Novel Way

World Cup 2023: K. Bijay Kumar Reddy, a 21-year-old chalk artist, has sculpted intricate miniatures of the ICC Cricket World Cup trophy and the statues of 10 legendary county cricket captains, each standing at only 1 inch in height, in a spectacular demonstration of imagination and artistry.

His incredible achievement has set a number of records and brought him justly deserved acclaim in the art world. His ambitious idea to create chalk art that would bring the world of cricket to life marked the beginning of Bijay Kumar Reddy’s quest.

15-Shubman Gill has a fever and won’t play in India’s World Cup opener against Australia, according to a report.

World Cup 2023: Shubman Gill’s health troubles have added to the Indian team’s concerns ahead of their inaugural World Cup game against Australia. The batter is a questionable starter for Sunday’s game. If Gill is unable to play, Ishan Kishan might be next in line to start.

The recent most productive ODI batsman for India, Gill, is reportedly suffering from a high temperature and will be tested for dengue on Friday before a decision is made.

16-Actress Neena Gupta was refused entry to the VIP lounge at Bareilly Airport because she was “not VIP.”

Neena Gupta, an actress, was refused access to the VIP lounge at Bareilly Airport. Neena Gupta informed her fans on Instagram. Neena said on the video that she was not a VIP but had mistakenly thought she was. “I Was Not Permitted To Sit At The Reserved Lounge,” she declared.

I believed that the VIP lounge was only for VIPs. I mistakenly believed that I was a VIP, but I haven’t yet achieved that status. To Become A VIP, I’ll Need to Put in a Lot of Work. I am sure that I will work hard. Thank you a lot.

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