Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-December 16, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-December 16, 2023

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1-Japan is seeing an increase in flu cases, reaching alarm levels with the fastest jump in ten years.

According to reports, during the week of December 10, around 166,690 people in Japan sought treatment for the flu at almost 5,000 medical institutions, with an average of 33.72 cases per facility. The central government of Japan declared that the average number of influenza patients at designated medical institutions countrywide has increased to a warning level at the fastest rate in a decade due to the alarming rise in flu cases.

The Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare has said that the average number of persons per institution is 33.72, which is over the predetermined warning limit of 30 and should be cause for concern. According to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, there were roughly 1,118,00 patients in the country overall at that time.

2-Barbara Furlow-Smiles: Former Meta diversity leader pilfers $4 million to finance opulent way of life

A former Meta executive, formerly Facebook, entered a guilty plea to embezzling more than $4 million from the massive social media company. The theft was acknowledged by Barbara Furlow-Smiles, an Atlanta native who worked for Meta as the worldwide head of employee resource groups, diversity engagement, and lead strategist. Reports state that the theft happened between January 2017 and September 2021, during her employment.

3-Security Breach at Parliament: Sixth culprit in the LS security breach, Mahesh Kumawat, was taken into custody

After it was confirmed that Mahesh Kumawat was involved in the whole plot, the Delhi Police detained him on Saturday, making him the sixth person connected to the Parliament security breach. An extensive interrogation session preceded the arrest. Mahesh, who is from the Rajasthani district of Nagaur, was instrumental in the break.

He helped Lalit Jha, the main conspirator, get away and find refuge in Rajasthan. According to sources, Mahesh assisted Lalit in smashing the cell phones of the first four suspected individuals detained.

4-Over 7-foot-tall ex-Punjab police officer arrested with heroin after appearing on America’s Got Talent

A former officer from the Punjab Police who rose to prominence in 2019 on America’s Got Talent is currently in the news for quite a different cause. At a towering 7 feet 6 inches, Jagdeep Singh—a member of the Bir Khalsa group—was regarded as the tallest Sikh in the world. He performed daring feats and demonstrated the traditional Sikh martial technique of “gatka.”

5-The UK High Court finds that Prince Harry was the victim of “extensive” phone hacking.

A UK judge decided on Friday, in a landmark judicial decision, that journalists connected to Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) had phone-hacked Prince Harry. In addition to acknowledging the intrusion, the high court judge granted the Duke of Sussex £140,600 ($179,600) in damages.

6-Annual Day of Dhirubhai Ambani School: Bollywood Stars Get Into Their Children’s Acts

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7- The Mumbai Indians’ widespread unfollowing is sparked by Hardik Pandya’s captaincy

Hardik Pandya was appointed captain by the Mumbai Indians, taking over for Rohit Sharma. Within hours, this caused a social media backlash that cost the user 400,000 Instagram followers and 500,000 Twitter followers. Online, several fans burned team memorabilia in protest.

MI placed a strong emphasis on developing future leaders in spite of criticism. With Hardik’s appointment, Rohit’s tenure came to an end, and MI now hopes to prosper under new management.

8- Canada: A temple increases security while a Hanuman statue in Khalistani Den Brampton sparks anti-Hindu sentiment.

A massive statue of Lord Hanuman is set to be built in Khalistani quarter Brampton, Canada; the area has had a number of incidents involving anti-Hindu and anti-Indian sentiment. On social media, the Hanuman monument also provoked remarks derogatory to Hindus.

Some demanded an immediate stop to all immigration to Canada, while others bemoaned the statue’s “in your face” size. On Hanuman Jayanti in April of the following year, the nearly finished statue of Hanuman would be unveiled.

9- The Speaker of the Lok Sabha’s Letter to Members Following the Smoke Alarm in Parliament

Speaker of the Lok Sabha Om Birla told the House on Saturday that he has established a “high-powered committee” to examine several security-related areas of the Parliament complex and create a plan of action to make sure the events of December 13 don’t happen again.

10-Rahul Gandhi Says Inflation and Unemployment Caused a Security Breach in Parliament

Parliament Security Breach: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi took aim at the center today amid the ongoing political fallout over the parliament security breach. He claimed that rising unemployment and inflation, along with public dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies, were the fundamental causes of the breach.

11- By May, Delhi Airport would Have Complete Body Scanners

The nation’s first airport to use full-body scanners will be in Delhi. By May 2024, full-body scanners will be used by Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) for passenger screening, according to a civil aviation authority announcement. By May of next year, CTX (Computed Tomography X-ray) machines will probably also be installed.

These machines eliminate the need for travelers to remove liquids and electronic goods from their hand luggage during security inspections. These scanners will be in use from the moment other large airports, such those in Greater Noida and Navi Mumbai, open for business, which is anticipated to happen early in the upcoming year.

12-Congress Declares the Start of the “Donate for Desh” Crowdfunding Initiative

The Congress has declared that, as of December 18, an online crowdsourcing effort called “Donate for Desh” will begin. The campaign is modeled after Mahatma Gandhi’s famous “Tilak Swaraj Fund” of 1920–21. The crowdfunding campaign has two channels set up: contributions can be made via the Congress website and a separate internet gateway.

13-Top Cop in Assam Issues a Dare To ULFA-I Terrorists To “Target Him”

The United Liberation Front of Assam-Independent (ULFA-I), which is outlawed, has been challenged by Assam DGP GP Singh, claiming they are “free to target” him. The DGP declared that Assam police had asked the NIA for assistance in looking into a string of explosions outside an Assamese army installation.

14: PM Modi visits Hyderabad House in Delhi to meet Oman Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik.

On December 16, Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik of Oman and Prime Minister Narendra Modi met at Hyderabad House in Delhi. Earlier on Saturday, the second day of his official visit to India, he was given a formal reception at the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi.

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