Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-January 27, 2024

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-January 27, 2024

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1. The United States withdraws support for a UN agency that claims ties to Hamas

Employees of UNRWA stationed in Gaza who were thought to have been involved in the October 7 incident were let go. The US, a significant donor, stopped funding momentarily. According to UNRWA Chief Lazzarini, the accusations are “shocking,” and responsibility is crucial. The attack set up a conflict that has resulted in significant casualties in Gaza.

Following Morarji Desai, Nirmala Sitharaman will present the budget for the sixth consecutive time.

Nirmala Sitharaman, the minister of finance, is scheduled to present the budget for the sixth consecutive year, making her the second finance minister to do so. Sitharaman will surpass the records set by her predecessors, including Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram, Arun Jaitley, and Yashwanth Sinha, who presented five budgets in a row, when she presents the interim budget on February 1.

The BJP Is About To Return To Bihar: Nitish Kumar Flips A Significant Loss For The I.N.D.I.A. Alliance

It is anticipated that on January 28, Nitish Kumar would take the oath of office as the Chief Minister of the BJP government in Bihar and the Janata Dal (United), sources informed India Today. Sushil Modi, a BJP veteran, is probably going to take over as deputy minister. In response to the news, Sushil Modi declared that politics is a “game of possibilities” and that “doors which are closed can open”.

He did, however, reluctant to address the matter further. The development occurred in the midst of political unrest in Bihar, where there is strain in the JD(U) and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) coalition led by Lalu Prasad Yadav.

This week saw the BJP-led Centre bestow the Bharat Ratna on socialist icon Karpoori Thakur, igniting tensions that had been building for some time.

Israeli airlines halts service to South Africa due to an International Court of Justice case over the Gaza Genocide

Due to dwindling demand, El Al Israel Airlines will be discontinuing its route to Johannesburg by the end of March. This comes after South Africa accused Israel of genocide before the World Court in connection with Israel’s military response to a Hamas attack on October 7. These charges have been rejected as baseless by the Israeli government. The military operation by Israel in Gaza resulted in a high death toll.

Mecca and the Vatican will pale in comparison to Ayodhya on the Global Pilgrimage Map

Uttar Pradesh is expecting a 20 million tourist increase every year after Ayodhya’s $10 billion makeover. Ayodhya becomes a popular tourist attraction as PM Modi oversees the Ram Mandir consecration. The city’s transformation, which will greatly boost the state’s economy, intends to rival Mecca and Vatican City with new hotels, trains, and airports.

Sania Mirza shares her first blog post following the nuptials of Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed.

Discussions concerning Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik’s marriage and divorce are rife on the internet. When Shoaib Malik showed off images from his wedding to Pakistani actress Sana Javed, everyone was taken aback.

The suspicions of Sania Mirza’s intermittent separation over the past year have intensified after she earlier released a mysterious statement regarding a divorce. In the midst of a lot of talk about her divorce, Sania posted a classy photo to Instagram.

Padma Shri 2024 | The Greatest Accomplishment in Homeopathy: Dr. RS Pareek Gets the Padma Shri Award

The homeopathic physician RS Pareek stated that receiving the Padma Shri Award on January 26 signifies acceptance of the homeopathic profession. In the past, he had to travel to England and Germany to study homeopathy, but these days, individuals from the West come to him to learn about the practice.

“In addition to being the recipient of a highly esteemed National Award, the Padma Shri awarded to me signifies both honor and validation for the field of homeopathy…

When I studied homeopathy, it wasn’t a recognized field of study and nobody knew or acknowledged the practice of homeopathy. I used to study in England and Germany, and now I’m consulted by doctors in America, England, and Germany,” Dr. RS Pareek stated. On the eve of Republic Day, the Indian government revealed the Padma Awards 2024.

When Mamata Said “No Ties,” Rahul’s Yatra Took A Detour Through Bengal|I.N.D.I.A. Bloc Reachs Its Dead End Before 2024?

West Bengal has been included in the Congress’ “Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra” (BJNY) after it concluded its campaign in the northeast. The yatra will allegedly only last a short while in the state headed by Mamata Banerjee because the itinerary has been altered to swiftly transit through the northern districts before entering Bihar.

Next week, the BJNY is anticipated to visit Bengal once more, this time concentrating on the long-standing Congress strongholds of Malda and Murshidabad. Rahul Gandhi is thought to have changed the Congress’s plans abruptly in response to Mamata Banerjee’s unexpected declaration regarding the I.N.D.I.A bloc.

Big B Breaks down in tears remembering his tough days and the change…

  • Amitabh Bachchan faced severe financial difficulties in the 1990s, resulting in a personal bank balance of “zero” and substantial debts from his failing company.
  • During a 2017 event celebrating four decades of Reliance Foundation, Bachchan recounted these hardships and how late businessman Dhirubhai Ambani offered him financial assistance.
  • Bachchan described a particularly challenging time when all his income sources were blocked, and he faced a government raid at his home.
  • Anil Ambani, Dhirubhai’s son, conveyed the offer to Bachchan, which would have resolved all his financial problems. However, Bachchan, moved by the gesture, chose to decline the offer.
  • With time, Bachchan’s fortunes turned as he began to receive work again, enabling him to gradually repay his debts.
  • Bachchan shared a poignant memory of being invited to Dhirubhai Ambani’s residence, where Ambani insisted on Bachchan sitting with him in front of prominent business figures, leading to a deeply emotional moment for Bachchan.

Ayodhya Ram Mandir darshan: Police advise pilgrims to postpone their visit as the massive crowd continues on the fifth day.

On January 27, a great number of devotees persisted in swarming Ayodhya to have Ram Lalla’s darshan on the fifth day following Pran Pratishtha of the Ram Temple. Praveen Kumar, the IG Range Ayodhya, went into detail about the plans put in place for efficient crowd control.

Prior to this, Ayodhya saw a lengthy line of pilgrims on the fourth day following the Consecration Ceremony. On January 22, Ram Lalla’s Pran Pratishtha took place at the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Following an hour-long series of rites, the Ram Lalla idol was revealed in front of Prime Minister Modi during the Pran Pratishtha event.

King is ‘doing well’ following prostate surgery.

Following surgery for an enlarged prostate, the King is “doing well”. With the Queen at his side, the 75-year-old monarch made his way to the London Clinic hospital on Friday morning—the same facility where the Princess of Wales is recuperating from stomach surgery.

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