Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-March 14, 2024

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-March 14, 2024

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U.S. House Moves Against TikTok Over Security Concerns

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill targeting TikTok’s Chinese ownership by ByteDance, raising security concerns and potentially jeopardizing the app’s future in America.

Tragic Gold Mine Collapse in Australia

A devastating rockfall at the Mount Clear gold mine in Australia resulted in one fatality and the miraculous rescue of 29 individuals.

BJP Reveals Election Candidates Amid Political Shifts

The BJP announced its second list of candidates for the Lok Sabha polls, with prominent figures like Gadkari, Khattar, and Goyal, aiming for a 400-seat target under PM Modi’s vision.

Congress Pledges Job Quotas for Women

The Congress party commits to a “Nari Nyay Guarantee,” offering job reservations and financial support to empower women and uphold gender equality.

Major Drug Syndicate Busted off Gujarat Coast

Indian authorities seized drugs worth Rs 480 crore and arrested six Pakistani nationals, hinting at the involvement of a significant international drug trafficking operation.

Telangana Launches India’s First Ride-Monitoring Service

The Telangana government introduces T-Safe, a pioneering initiative to enhance safety for women and vulnerable groups through monitored transportation services.

Political Turmoil in Andhra Pradesh Following Tragic Death

TDP leader Rambabu Pasumarthi’s arrest intensifies the political clash in Andhra Pradesh over a woman’s death, spotlighting the dark side of online bullying and political rivalry.

Queen Camilla Showcases Unique Barbie Amid Royal Controversy

Queen Camilla delights in receiving a Barbie doll replica, overshadowing rumors of Princess Kate’s absence due to a Photoshop mishap.

India Embarks on Advanced Stealth Fighter Jet Project

The Indian government approves a significant investment in the AMCA project, aiming to develop a fifth-generation stealth fighter jet, enhancing its defense capabilities and industrial growth.

Jharkhand College Students’ Unique Protest Over Infrastructure

Students at Jamshedpur Workers College resort to wearing helmets in class, highlighting the urgent need for infrastructure improvements.

India Cracks Down on Dangerous Dog Breeds

The central government mandates a ban on 23 dog breeds deemed dangerous, addressing public safety concerns following a series of fatal attacks.

Ed Sheeran Dances to ‘Butta Bomma’ in Mumbai

Ed Sheeran captivates fans in Mumbai by performing the ‘Butta Bomma’ hook step with Armaan Malik, showcasing his love for dance during his concert tour.

Meera Chopra’s Enchanting Wedding Ceremony

Actress Meera Chopra and businessman Rakshit Kejriwal celebrate their union in a dreamy wedding ceremony in Jaipur, surrounded by joy and heartfelt wishes from loved ones.

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