Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 5, 2024

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 5, 2024

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Earthquakes Stir Multiple Nations

Quakes shake the globe: New York and Myanmar feel the tremors, highlighting a day of global seismic activity, with Taiwan and Japan also affected.

Election Commission Challenges Delhi Minister

Notice served over BJP claim: Delhi’s Atishi faces scrutiny from the Election Commission for her allegations against the BJP.

Embracing Tamil in Singapore Schools

A push for Tamil language: Minister Indrani Rajah champions the introduction of Tamil in Singapore’s public schools to preserve cultural heritage.

Congress Party’s Election Promise

Election manifesto unveiled: The Congress party shares its vision for India’s future, highlighting key areas ahead of the 2024 vote.

Sri Lanka Dismisses Claims on Katchatheevu

Katchatheevu controversy addressed: Sri Lanka responds to Indian discussions on the island, citing resolutions from decades past.

Allegations of Indian Espionage

India under scrutiny: A report implicates India’s R&AW in foreign assassinations, stirring international tensions.

Hardik Pandya Seeks Divine Intervention

Cricketer turns to faith: Amid professional challenges, Hardik Pandya visits Somnath Temple for blessings.

Congress Focuses on Key Issues

Manifesto targets crucial sectors: Jobs, infrastructure, and social issues are the focus of the Congress party’s electoral pledges.

Political Shift in Karnataka

Sumalatha Ambareesh joins BJP: The independent MP switches allegiance, adding momentum to the BJP’s campaign in Karnataka.

Modi Critiques Congress Manifesto

PM questions opposition’s plans: Narendra Modi expresses skepticism about the Congress party’s ability to deliver on its promises.

Early Bird Tax Filers

ITR filing kicks off smoothly: The CBDT’s efficient start to the new fiscal year sees thousands of early tax returns.

Rashmika Mandanna’s New Role

Actress unveils movie look: Rashmika Mandanna’s character in ‘The Girlfriend’ hints at a nuanced portrayal.

Gratitude for Haitian Evacuation

Indians evacuated from Haiti: The government’s successful rescue operation receives thanks, showcasing India’s commitment abroad.

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