Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 9, 2024

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 9, 2024

Glas Faces Health Scare Post-Embassy Exit

Jorge Glas, once Ecuador’s VP, was hospitalized after being removed from Mexico’s embassy amid tensions. Stable now, his health episode follows a diplomatic rift and corruption charges.

Flood Fury Hits Russia’s Orsk

Residents of Orsk demand compensation from Putin as floods ravage homes, casting a shadow over local governance.

Eclipse Eyestrain: A Cautionary Tale

A solar eclipse led to a spike in eye pain searches, underscoring the dangers of ignoring NASA’s safety advice


Kejriwal’s Legal Battle Intensifies

Delhi’s High Court dismisses CM Kejriwal’s plea, as BJP escalates attacks and AAP looks to the Supreme Court.

CSK Dominates Home Ground

Chennai Super Kings secure a formidable home advantage in the IPL, boasting the highest win percentage.

DMK vs. BJP in Chennai South Showdown

The battle for Chennai South heats up as DMK and BJP field strong candidates, with local dynamics at play.

Hema Malini Defends Her Local Ties

Actor-politician Hema Malini counters the “outsider” tag in Mathura, emphasizing her decade-long service.

Election Symbols Grab Attention

Independent candidates in Lok Sabha elections receive unique symbols, from slippers to toothbrushes, adding color to the electoral process.

Eid Observance Tied to Moon Sighting

India’s Eid celebration dates hinge on moon sightings, aligning with global traditions and regional nuances.

Modi Lauds New Challenger in Hyderabad

PM Modi praises BJP candidate Madhvi Latha, spotlighting her as a fresh face against seasoned politician Owaisi.

Wilders Shows Support for Nupur Sharma

Dutch leader Geert Wilders reaches out to BJP’s Nupur Sharma, commending her stance on freedom of speech.

Solar Eclipse Dazzles North America

A total solar eclipse brings awe to millions, with Mexico experiencing a moment of complete darkness.

Tragedy Strikes Indian Student in US

The death of a young Indian student in the US prompts his family to seek government help in repatriating his remains.

Modi’s Pledge to People and Mahakal

PM Modi emphasizes his devotion to India and Mahakal, distinguishing his political mission from others.

China’s Name Changes Spark Response

India dismisses China’s renaming of Arunachal places, with Rajnath Singh asserting sovereignty and readiness to counter disrespect.

BRS Leader’s Custody Extended

Judicial custody of BRS’s K Kavitha extends over the excise policy case, marking ongoing legal proceedings.

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