Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 10, 2024

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 10, 2024

Space Collision Sends Waves to Earth

Astronomers detect gravitational waves from a neutron star collision reaching Earth centuries after the event.

PM Modi Speaks Voters’ Languages

PM Modi impresses voters across India by communicating in their native languages.

Yadav Family Feud Heats Up

Aparna Yadav may challenge Dimple Yadav in upcoming elections, hinting at internal family tensions.

Supreme Court Takes Firm Stand

The Supreme Court rejects Ramdev’s apology and criticizes government officials, emphasizing consequences for court order violations.

Russian Drone Strikes Ukrainian Train

A Russian drone spots a Ukrainian train carrying fuel, leading to a targeted missile strike by fighter jets.

Wealthiest Lok Sabha Candidates Revealed

Nakul Nath emerges as the richest candidate in the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections.

New Zealand Revises Visa Policies

The New Zealand government tightens work visa rules, affecting Indian immigrants amid migration concerns.

Safety of Indian Students in the US Questioned

The deaths of 11 Indian-origin students in the US spark fears and calls for action against gun and hate crimes.

Delhi Minister Resigns, Cites Dalit Representation

Raaj Kumar Anand resigns from the AAP, alleging a lack of Dalit representation in party leadership.

Chinese Interference in Canadian Elections Exposed

Canada’s spy agency uncovers Chinese interference in recent elections, raising concerns without impacting outcomes.

US Warns China Over Russia Support

The United States threatens sanctions against China for supporting Russia in the Ukraine conflict.

US Ambassador Highlights India’s Future Role

Eric Garcetti emphasizes India’s significance in shaping the future and the importance of US-India collaboration.

Ambani’s Sanctuary Welcomes Big Cats

Anant Ambani’s ‘Vantara’ prepares to receive tigers and lions from Argentina, showcasing a commitment to animal rescue.

Eid Amid Conflict in Gaza and Palestine

Palestinians observe Eid with prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque and amidst ruins in Gaza, amidst regional tensions.

Navalny’s Widow Under Investigation

Russia probes Yulia Navalnaya for her speech in the European Parliament, with potential prison time looming.

White House Dismisses Putin’s Probe Claims

The US labels Russian claims of Hunter Biden’s connection to a Ukrainian firm as ‘nonsense.’

Government Employees Suspended in Telangana

The Election Commission suspends 106 employees for attending a political meeting, violating conduct codes.

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