Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 11, 2024

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 11, 2024

A Glimpse into the Chief Justice’s Chamber

NDTV provides an exclusive look inside the office of Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud, offering a rare view beyond his courtroom appearances.

UK Prime Minister Says Sorry for Sneaker Faux Pas

Rishi Sunak apologizes for wearing Adidas Sambas, amid claims it was a ploy to win over young voters, despite his insistence it wasn’t a stunt.

South Africa to Host Cricket’s Big Event

The 2027 ICC ODI World Cup will be held at South Africa’s premier stadiums, showcasing the region’s cricketing prowess.

Trophy Tour Concludes in the USA

Chris Gayle and Ali Khan start the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 Trophy Tour, lighting up the Empire State Building in vibrant colors.

Trudeau Stands Firm on Free Speech

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defends the right to free speech, stirring controversy with India’s Modi government.

Trump Critiques Jewish Biden Supporters

Donald Trump questions the loyalty of Jewish voters supporting Joe Biden, emphasizing the election’s impact on Christianity.

Eclipse Turns Day into Night

A total solar eclipse captivates millions in North America, highlighting the rarity of this astronomical phenomenon.

Modi’s Musical Moment

At a Uttarakhand rally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi plays the dholak, showing a lighter side to his political persona.

BRS Leader Detained by CBI

K Kavitha, BRS leader, is arrested in connection with the Delhi liquor policy case, joining Delhi’s CM in custody.

Apple Warns of Spyware Threat

Apple alerts users in 92 countries, including India, about “mercenary spyware,” raising concerns over digital security.

Modi Meets India’s Gaming Stars

Prime Minister Modi engages with top gaming influencers, discussing the future of the industry and even playing games.

Nadda Reacts to Jail Threat

JP Nadda responds strongly to Misa Bharti’s threat to imprison Prime Minister Modi.

Political Crossroads in Telangana

BRS leader KTR claims Telangana CM Revanth Reddy is considering a switch to the BJP.

Political Tensions Escalate in Telangana

Speculation grows over a possible Congress-AIMIM alliance as Telangana’s political drama intensifies.

Kangana Ranaut Criticizes Congress

Kangana Ranaut, speaking at a rally in Himachal Pradesh, attacks Congress and calls for development and new leadership.

Electoral Setback for South Korea’s President

President Yoon’s party faces defeat, possibly derailing his agenda amid rising political challenges.

Affleck-Garner Child Comes Out as Transgender

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner share their child’s journey to embracing their transgender identity with a new name.

Gujarat Titans’ Dramatic Win

Gujarat Titans secure a nail-biting victory against Rajasthan Royals, with Rashid Khan leading the charge.

Celebrities Celebrate Eid 2024

Stars including Salman Khan and Jr NTR extend Eid wishes, with Salman unveiling his new project ‘Sikandar.’

Hardik Pandya’s Stepbrother Arrested

Vaibhav Pandya faces arrest over a ₹4 crore business fraud, straining family and business ties.

Modi Discusses Legacy with Newsweek

Prime Minister Modi talks about his commitment to India’s inclusivity, dismissing concerns over minority discrimination.

Ukraine-Russia Tensions Heighten

Following President Zelensky’s threat to destroy the Crimea Bridge, Putin mobilizes troops amid escalating tensions.

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