Mohammad Rizwan prays Namaz on the field; turns controversial

Mohammad Rizwan prays Namaz on the field; turns controversial

The actions of a Pakistani cricketer by the name of Muhammad Rizwan caused a controversy.

Some people believed that he had sinned on the cricket ground when he bowed his head for prayer.

In their investigation, the ICC was informed that Rizwan had been alleged by a judge named Vineet Jindal. On October 6, 2023, it was a battle between Pakistan and the Netherlands for WC in Hyderabad.

During this match, he prayed in the cricket field and Jindal mentioned it in his complaint against him.

Jindal voiced his resentment towards exhibiting one’s religion in front of Indian audiences.

Sports lovers are confused by Rizwan’s sportsmanship which he portrays through his religion.

These actions of an athlete reflect the spirit of the competition being questioned.

As the game continues, the athlete is asking where they lead him.

According to Jindal, Muhammad Rizwan’s show of being a Muslim is like registering a vote on behalf of people who are into sports.

According to Jindal’s complaint, while his team was waiting for drinks, Rizwan offered ‘namaz’ on the field.

Someone is displaying their triumph in a playground to the people of Gaza after a match instead of praying.

It is argued that those who have been using this means of conveying their religious and political beliefs have employed an unconventional manner of communication.

In addition, his gestures created a lot of debates after beating Sri Lanka.

Israel strongly objected to this.

The Indian team scored such a spectacular victory in a cricket match against Pakistan that they even raised the bat.

Nevertheless, they were unable to demonstrate their triumph to their warriors in Hamas after defeated by India.

Mohammad Rizwan prays Namaz on the field

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