Reliance Jio Satellite-Based Giga-Fibre Service: JioSpaceFiber

Reliance Jio Satellite-Based Giga-Fibre Service: JioSpaceFiber

Could you ever imagine that even the farthest corner of this country would have access to hi speed internet! Well, the future is here. On a sunny Friday at the ‘India Mobile Congress 2023’, Reliance Jio released its satelitte based giga-fiber service, marking a major shift in the world of connectivity.

Introduction: The Revelation at India Mobile Congress 2023

None other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present during the unveiling of JioSpaceFiber at the India Mobile Congress. This was not just another launch but one that brought about an age wherein dark spaces would cease being a digital territory.

Key Partnerships and Collaborations

Jio has joined hands with the Luxemburg-based provider of satellite telecommunication networks – SES for this ambitious task. But why SES? They provide a link with the current up-to-date MEO satellite technology. This will be the only MEO constellation that will offer fiber-like services directly from space with a Gigabit. The air will be your highway!!

Vision Behind JioSpaceFiber

“Let’s imagine a world in which we all share a single developing digital society,” remarked Akash Ambani, the chariman of Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. He imagines a time when every Indian has access to online government portals, educational programs, medical services and a

The Pioneering Technology: MEO Satellite Technology

Satellites that sit in MEO—Medium Earth Orbit—deliver fast and reliable coverage. They are the perfect satellite of Goldilocks – one that is neither too close nor too farther from. Therefore, JioSpaceFiber is promising to deliver fibre-like internet speed directly from space using this technology.

The Broad Reach of Jio

Jio has a very huge number of users, nothing new here. For now, they provide the broadband fixed-line as well as the wireless services to millions of more than 450 million customers. However, with JioSpaceFiber, it’s no more addition of number but extension of horizon. A satellite network will support mobile backhaul that will enable Jio True 5g to extend its reach to the farthest part of the country.

Supporting the ‘Digital India’ Initiative

Therefore, Jio together with SES provide a commendable support for ‘Digital India’ program launched by the government. John-Paul Hemingway, chief strategy officer at SES commented, “Fiber like services we offer from space is live in some parts of India. The impact on digital transformation, even for the remotest rural area is exciting.”

The journey has just begun. JioSpaceFiber has already penetrated into the market with four remote locations that are experiencing the benefit as we speak with the sites located at Gir (Gujarat), Korba (Chhattisgarh), Nabarangpur as well as ONGC-Jorhat

Ending note; this is not just another hi-tech wonder but a ray of light for as many as yet unconnected millions. This is a great step towards an all-digital India.

FAQs on Reliance Jio Satellite-Based Giga-Fibre Service: JioSpaceFiber

1-What is JioSpaceFiber?

Reliance Jio’s giga-fibre connection, known as JioSpaceFiber, is a satellite-based service intended to offer fast Internet services to remote locations.

2-Which companies have partnered with Jio in this endeavor?

The Luxembourg based satellite company in partnership with Jio.

3-What is MEO satellite technology?

Such a satellite is known as medium earth orbiter (MEO).

4-What is the number of current Jio users?

Today, there are at least 450 million customers that Jio serves.

5-Where are Jio spacefibre located and connected now?

Gir in Gujarat, Korba in Chhattisgarh, Nabarangpur in Odisha, and ONGC-Jorhat in Assam are now connected with JioSpaceFiber.


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