Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- October 27, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- October 27, 2023

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1-It’s Verified. Tata To Produce iPhones For International Market In India

Within 2.5 years, the Tata Group will begin producing Apple iPhones in India for both local and international markets, declared Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of Electronics and Technology, today.

The move is a substantial shift from Apple’s prior policy of selling primarily Chinese-made new gadgets to eager buyers worldwide, and it highlights India’s expanding production capabilities.

2-By purchasing this Stellar watch, Arun Singh saves both time and money. This Is Why

Finding innovative ways to save money is always a good idea, as Arun Singh demonstrates. See how this astute customer goes watch hunting at Titan and comes away with more than he anticipated.

His money-saving tool is an app that allows you to accumulate lifetime rewards on all of your purchases from Titan and thousands of other Indian retail brands.

3-Assam Informs Workers: No Second Marriage Without Government Approval

Even if their personal law permits it, Assam government personnel are not permitted to remarry if their spouse is still living without the government’s approval.

4-Here’s Why This Bengaluru Startup Dismisses Narayan Murthy’s 70-Hour Work Week Proposal

In a recent interview, Infosys legend Narayan Murthy proposed a 70-hour work week as a way to boost output. We visited Tessarakt, a startup company in Bengaluru, to see if this idea is popular in modern India. What happens to productivity, hours worked, work-life balance, and mental health? To learn more, view this video.

  1. According to a Bloomberg report, Taylor Swift broke records on her Eros tour and is now a billionaire. Learn about the significant turning points and tactics that helped her create her own empire. This is the inspirational tale of Taylor Swift’s ascent to fame and wealth, spanning from her musical career to astute business decisions.

6-Rahul Gandhi in Uzbekistan: See What Took Place After He Left

Following his return from Uzbekistan, Rahul Gandhi’s image appeared on X, which heightened online rumors about a “sudden visit.” Congress condemned the presence of a woman who was questioned by many.

Rahul was with Amulya and boyhood buddy Amitabh Dubey, it was later learned. This adds to his history of mysterious travels, which has drawn attention and discussion.

7-Varanasi Street Dog is scheduled to travel with a passport and visa to the Netherlands.

Get ready to be moved by the touching story of Varanasi street dog Jaya, whose life is about to take an incredible change. Come along as we recount Jaya’s incredible journey as she prepares to take off on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Netherlands with her very own passport.

8- PM Modi Declares India Prepared to Host the Olympics in 2036

With emphasis on the nation’s triumphant performance at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, Prime Minister Modi declared that India is prepared to organize the Olympics in 2036.

9-Auction of Modi Memorabilia Raises Funds For The Namami Gange Project

Approximately 912 PM Modi mementos that are being put up for an online auction at the National Gallery of Modern Art will be used for the Namami Gange project.

10-EC Notifies Priyanka Gandhi of Poll Code Violation in Election 2023 | PM Modi

Election 2023: On October 26, the Election Commission sent Congress politician Priyanka Gandhi a show-cause notice, claiming that she had broken the Model Code of Conduct.

This notification was sent in response to a complaint filed by the BJP, which accused her of fabricating and misrepresenting facts when she said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had merely given Rs 21 to a temple during a speech in Rajasthan.

Priyanka Gandhi said in her address that she wasn’t sure whether the story was true but that she had seen it on TV.

11-RBI relaxes certain FD regulations and permits early withdrawals on term deposits up to Rs 1 crore.

On Thursday, the Reserve Bank announced that banks will need to provide early withdrawal options for all term deposits up to Rs 1 crore, which is an increase from the present cap of Rs 15 lakh.

Banks are allowed to offer domestic term deposits (TDs) without the option for early withdrawal, as long as all TDs taken from people for amounts less than Rs 15 lakh must include the ability for early withdrawal.

12-Moitra’s letter to the Ethics Panel stating that she wanted to “cross-examine Hiranandani” and requesting extra time to depose

Mahua Moitra, a Member of Parliament for the Trinamool Congress, has requested a later date for her deposition, after November 5. She was called by the Lok Sabha Ethics Committee on October 31 in relation to the “cash-for-query” charges against her.

In addition, she has demanded that industrialist Darshan Hiranandani be cross-examined with respect to the affidavit he provided for the case.

13-Amit Shah in Telangana: “If the Party Comes To Power, The CM Will Be From The Backward Classes”

In the event that the BJP wins the state’s next assembly elections, Telangana’s chief minister will be chosen by a leader of the Backward Classes, according to Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday.

Speaking at an electoral rally in Suryapet, he urged Telangana voters to choose the BJP to govern the state.

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